Mandalay pagodas teeming with devotees on Fullmoon of Waso

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Buddhist devotees pay homage to the Maha Myat Muni Buddha image in Mandalay on the Fullmoon of Waso. photo: mna

On the Fullmoon of Waso, also known as Dhammacakka Day yesterday, Maha Myatmuni pagoda and other pagodas in Mandalay were teeming with devotees, who flocked to the pagodas since dawn to offer Waso robes and other donations,
All over the city offerings were made to Sanghas at congregation halls in wards and townships and devotees listened to the sermons and recitation of parittas by the Sanghas. Donors were also distributing free food and drinks at the pagodas and congregation halls. At 4 am in Maha Myatmuni Pagoda, the morning ritual of washing the face of the Maha Myatmuni Buddha image was conducted, followed by devotees from throughout the country offering golden robes (gold flakes) to the image, robes, food, water, candle and oil lamps in all corners of the pagoda. At 6 am in front of Yunnan Buddhist monastery on 80th Street, temple monastery trustee board and donors offered dry rations and offertories to 250 Sanghas from Masoyein monastery.
Similarly at 8 am Mandalay University Rector, Pro rectors, teachers, staff, students and devotees took nine precepts from sanghas at Mandalay University Dhammayone (congregation hall) and offered offertories to the sanghas.
In addition to pagodas and religious places, visitors from all over the country were also seen visiting Mandalay palace, cultural museum, U Bein bridge and parks. — Tin Maung (Man Sub Printing House)

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