Mandalay Regional gov’t will propose to Union Gov’t to allow foreigners to visit Mogok

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The Mandalay Regional government will put forward a proposal to the Union Government to allow foreigners to visit Mogok city, said Dr Zaw Myint Maung, Chief Minister of Mandalay Region.
“If foreigners can travel to the city, the region will develop,” the Chief Minister said in the opening ceremony of the 800th anniversary of establishing Mogok city, which is also known as Ruby Land.
Currently, the union government designated the city as a restricted area for foreigners.
If development of Mogok improves this will have a positive effect on the rest of Mandalay Region, he will call for the central government to allow foreigners to visit Ruby Land, the Chief Minister said.
“If foreigners can enter Mogok, the local gem stone markets will improve,” said U Tun Myat, a resident of Ruby Land.
Although foreigners are restricted to the city, more than 170 foreigners were allowed to visit under the approval of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism during the festival to mark the 800th anniversary of Mogok city.


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