Mandalay to start new wheel tax collection system in FY2018-19

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Visitors register for wheel tax at Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC). 
Photo: Thiha Ko Ko

BEGINNING in fiscal year 2018-2019, a wheel tax will be levied, based upon the size of engines, on vehicle owners within the municipal area of Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).
According to the new rules issued by the Road Transport Administration Department, vehicle owners will be taxed Ks18,250 for a car they own with a 660 cubic centimeter (cc) engine; Ks27,375 for a car with a 660cc-1,300cc; Ks36,500 for a car with a 1,301cc-2,000cc; Ks45,625 for a car with a 2,001cc-4,300cc and Ks54,750 for a car with a 4,300cc engine, or larger.
For business cars, the authorities will collect Ks36,500 for a 660cc car; Ks54,750 for a 660cc-1300cc car; Ks73,000 for a 1,301cc-2,000cc car; Ks91,250 for a 2,001cc-4,300cc car and Ks109,500 for a car with 4,300cc and above.
All registered vehicles which licenses will have expired by 1 October will be required to pay the new wheel tax when they renew the license for their cars. Of note, the new rules call for business vehicles to not pay road user fees at toll gates.


Thiha Ko Ko

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