Mango growers change species to meet market demand

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Seintalone mangoes trees in Seikpyu Township, Magway Region.  Photo: Soe Lin Naing (IPRD)

The mango growers are growing other famous mangoes such as Seintalone, Shwehintha, Myakyauk and Nandawhmine using the grafting technology to meet the market demand, according to the mango growers from Yatsauk township, Shan State (South).
“The Yinkwe species mango plantations are replaced with Seintalone species. We are changing the mango species depending upon the market demand. Currently, China purchases Seintalone and Shwehintha mango species. This is the reason why our mango plantations are replaced with famous mango species.
The villages in Yatsauk Township are replaced with other famous mango species plantations this year,” said U Kyaw Moe Hlaing from Myanma Mango Market and Technology Development Association in Yatsauk township. While we change the mango species, we use grafting technology. The mango trees are cut from the middle and grafted the replaced mango species. “We are cutting the trees from the middle of the mango trees. The circumference of some trees is only that of a pencil while some are having the circumference of the human body. The good time for changing the mango species is in June and July after picking up the mango,” he said.
After changing the species, the trees can bear the fruits in two years. It is also dependent upon the taking care of the mango farming owners.
The marketable mangoes such as Seintalone, Shwehintha and Myakyauk are grown mostly Kumae, Sintgaing and Kyaukse townships in Kyaukse district in Mandalay region. However, the tasty and marketable mangoes are started to grow across the country since the past decade. —Myint Maung Soe (Translated by Hay Mar)

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