Mann Chaung Shwesettaw elephant resort alive with buffet-feed providers for elephants

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Visitors are seen riding on the elephants.

The Mann Chaung Shwesettaw Elephant Resort has now reopened after a temporary closure due to COVID-19, and the elephant resort is alive with buffet-feed providers for elephants during the Shwesettaw Pagoda festival, according to the in-charges of the elephant resort.
The Mann Chaung Elephant Resort was established with 11 elephants on 13 February 2019 by Myanma Timber Enterprise under the Ministry of Resources and Environmental Conservation for the travellers from all over the country to enjoy the scenery along the Mann Creek while riding on an elephant.
There are elephant lovers from different parts of the country who are donating the buffet-feed either online or in person. The buffet includes Napier grass, bananas, banana stems, pumpkins, watermelons, cucumber, mangoes, corn, and the donors are requested to make the reservation one day in advance as the elephant feeds need to be searched and bought.
The elephant sanctuary is located on 60 acres of land near the Mann Creek near Shwesettaw Pagoda. There are 50 acres of the cordoned-off forest and 700 acres of elephant grazing area, just two miles from the eight-mile road near Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda.
There are 22 elephant camps in Myanmar and 204 logging elephants in Magway Region. U Htet Naing Aung, in-charge of the elephant camp, said that the camp was based on tourism to make it easier for staff to work due to reduced logging activities. — Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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