Mann Shwesettaw to receive overnight stays for pilgrims

Settawya guesthouse signboard during the 2020 Mann Shwesettaw pagoda festival was seen.

The Buddha Pujaniya Festival organizing committee of Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda in Minbu (Sagu) Township, Magway Region, welcomes pilgrims for overnight stays.
This is one of the longest and largest pagoda festivals in Myanmar. It will kick off on 25 January and end until the first day of the new year (Myanmar calendar) in mid-April. Preparations for accommodation facilities and shops are being undertaken at present in order to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
“The construction of shops near Mann Creek is nearly finished. The car parking, restroom and festival stalls have been constructed,” said a businessperson from Minbu city.
“There are about 1,000 bamboo lodging houses and over 500 stalls designated for the upcoming festival. Over 400 houses and 200 stalls have been built. The shops are already put up for sale,” the pagoda festival organizing committee stated.
Mann Creek flows steadily around the Upper Settawya (the footprint of the Buddha on the hill) and the Lower Settawya (another footprint of the Buddha at the foot of the hill). Mann Creek has a new bailey bridge this year for the smooth transportation of passenger buses while driving uphill and downhill.
The guesthouse cost is around K30,000-50,000 per head depending on the place. However, the committee set the cost at K20,000 for an ordinary guesthouse and K30,000 for the waterfront one. It stated actions will be strictly taken for overcharging.
Furthermore, under the guidance of the Minbu District Private Vehicle Supervision Committee, Aungman’s fleet of small vehicles will run a total of 30 cars (Starex and Vongo types), including 20 for uphill and downhill driving and 10 for Minbu-Shwesettaw trip.
Moreover, they will add more vehicles to the fleet to ensure safe and sound transport. The fare is set at K12,000 for round trip, K1,000 for uphill and K500 for downhill.
The Minbu District Private Vehicle Supervision Committee will monitor the vehicle’s body stiffness and strength, peaceful pilgrimage and discipline of the drivers and assistants.
The pilgrimage operators have been selling tickets for two-night stays, Mann Shwesettaw trip plans and other pilgrimage tours in Minbu, Magway. For a four-day trip (two-night stays), the full package costs K90,000 per head with the meal and accommodation provided. — TWA/EMM

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