Manufacturing process needs to use modern techniques, rather than conventional methods: Senior General

Tourism entrepreneurs need to prepare their lodges and hotels to be ready to admit the travellers with better services, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with departmental officials, town elders, businesspersons of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at the city hall in Kengtung yesterday morning.

Individual discussions on requirements of booming businesses
Chairman of Shan State (East)Government Administration Body Branch U Ye Naing, Chief Minister of Shan State U Aung Zaw Aye and MSME businesspersons reported on the implementation of MSME businesses in Shan State, the need to preserve coffee quality and stabilize the coffee market, development of tourism industry in Kengtung, improvement of rice mills and tea industry, transport and communication measures.

Responses of Union ministers to relevant sectors
Union ministers discussed encouragement of the State to MSME businesses, plans of relevant ministries to provide machinery, heavy machinery, capital and technologies for operating businesses in Shan State (East), emphasis on increasing the area of forests in the region with environmental conservation, participation in MSME shows and contests, and eradication of illegal trade which can harm the improvement of MSME.
After hearing the discussions, the Senior General gave the necessary instructions.

Encouraging domestic manufacturing industries for value-added products to develop the State economy
In his speech, the Senior General said that manufacturing plays a key role in MSME businesses, depending on the supply of raw materials. Such a business requires electricity, fuel, pesticide and other materials. It needs capital for investment and human resources. In Shan State (East), perennial trees such as coffee, rubber and tea as industrial crops can be grown.
Needs to successfully produce domestic crops including coffee and tea
The Senior General highlighted if businesspersons operate the coffee industry in Shan State (East), they will have a chance to enjoy the benefit. Controlling the coffee market depends on its quality. Likewise, tea can be distributed to other regions of the country as well as exported to foreign countries.
The Senior General disclosed that although there are many sites to generate hydropower in Shan State (East), these projects cannot be implemented for various reasons. Hence, production cost rises. The manufacturing process needs to use modern techniques, rather than conventional methods. It is necessary to raise productivity. Efforts must be made for increasing the per-acre yield of crops in agricultural tasks and meeting the target production.
It is necessary to successfully cultivate oil crops in the region to meet the local oil demand for benefiting the relevant regions. The government will disburse loans as capital to the businesspersons to operate livestock farms. The Senior General stressed the need to raise rubber production.

Development of the tourism industry
The government is assisting in the development of the tourism industry in Shan State (East). Hotels and tourism entrepreneurs need to give services of accommodation, food supply and domestic food to the guests. Upgrading Kengtung and Tachilek airports will be a drive to attract travellers from neighbouring countries via aviation. So, tourism entrepreneurs need to prepare their lodges and hotels to be ready to admit travellers with better services.

Development of human resources
The Senior General underscored that the government arranges the opening of agriculture and livestock high schools in 50 districts so as to improve human resources. Then, plans are underway to open more institutes, colleges and universities for students of these high schools to continue further learning. Universities give economics and law subjects to students to have a wider scope of business knowledge and legal affairs.

Inspection of domestic products
The Senior General viewed round products of natural resources, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional products, textiles and traditional medicines and asked about the marketable situations of these products.

Inspection of Kengtung detour
The Senior General inspected the construction of the Kengtung detour where Director U Ye Lin of the Department of Highways in Shan State (East) reported on the work progress.
The Senior General stressed the need to complete earthen works before monsoon as heavy rains may occur in monsoon. He instructed officials to timely complete the construction of the road and grow trees on both sides of the road.
The Senior General and party inspected the Kengtung detour by car. — MNA/TTA

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