Manwain border checkpoint suspended for 3 hours as 50 Chinese drivers block entrance

By Nyein Nyein

Manwain land border trade post, the entrance of China-Myanmar cargo trucks, was suspended for three hours on 26 January as 50 Chinese truck drivers blocked the entrance, not allowing the entry into and exit out of Myanmar truck drivers, said U Min Thein, the vice-chairman of Muse Rice Depot. On 26 January, at around 8:30 am, about 50 Chinese truck drivers from China, Kyalgaung trucks and small vehicles association obstructed the Manwain checkpoint that did not allow the Myanmar truck drivers from Kyalgaung side to re-enter Myanmar side.
So, the Myanmar cargo trucks could not enter China through the Manwain checkpoint. The Myanmar cargo trucks from China could not return to the Myanmar side. Therefore, the Manwain checkpoint was totally suspended that morning. The bilateral trade between China and Myanmar has also stopped for many hours.
For that reason, the Muse Rice Depot inducing the traders requested the two countries’ authorities to resolve the Manwain checkpoint blockade as soon as possible. With the authorities’ coordination in both countries, the Chinese truck drivers were removed at 11:30 am (MST) on 26 January. The trucks are entering to return to both sides, as usual, he added. Further, although Chinese cargo trucks are allowed to enter Myanmar side only with the permission letter from the border trade authorities, the Chinese cargo trucks are entering Myanmar side without having any official letter whatsoever, said U Min Thein. (Translated by Hay Mar)


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