Marching towards our goal of peace, joining hands, working in unison

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  • The incumbent government is committed to internal peace and national reconciliation throughout the country. To date, 51 basic principles for the Union Accord have been agreed upon covering politics, economics, social issues, land, the environment and security, following three meetings of the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong, to build our future democratic federal union.
    The three meetings of the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong show that representatives of the group of the Union Government, the Hluttaw and the Tatmadaw, the armed ethnic organizations and the nation’s political parties, when joining hands with each other, have placed their energy, faith and strenuous efforts into achieving peace.
    It was found that there were strong points and weak points in drawing up the framework for the political dialogue. The weak points are to be reviewed.
    We believe that committees of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee will find the best guidelines for work, as they prepare to take steps into the process of political dialogue.
    UPDJC meetings, held in the second week of July, produced fruitful results, as guidelines were agreed upon by leaders of the ethnic armed organizations, following the meetings on 15 and 16 October.
    The meeting on reviewing the framework for political dialogues and guidelines for work, held on 1 and 3 November, also discussed positive prospects for the future tasks.
    The results can be seen as the fruits of unity among all stakeholders of the peace process, paving the way to further steps towards peace.
    President U Win Myint said in his message to the 63rd Anniversary celebrations of Kayin State Day, “At this time, we are working for internal Peace and National Reconciliation, to build a Union based on democracy and federalism. Therefore, now is the time for all ethnic Union nationals to take lessons from the undesirable experiences of the past and march forth in unity, with collective strength and joined hands, for the emergence of a peaceful Union.”
    To achieve peace, signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement sat at the negotiating table and took a step by step approach to solve the political issues through negotiations, and produced positive results.
    Meanwhile, we have seen good prospects for signing the NCA by ethnic armed groups who have not yet inked the nationwide ceasefire agreement.
    Hence, all the people of the country need to work strenuously, joining hands with the government to overcome all of the challenges we are facing.
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