Materials used in manufacturing explosives seized in LaukKai Township

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Some material used in making explosives .

Materials and accessories used in manufacturing explosives were found under an old explosives-producing factory and its premises nearby the Myanmar-China Border.
On receipt of the news that explosives were buried in the township of LaukKai, government troops and Myanmar Police launched an area clearance operation and searched an old explosives-producing factory and 3 adjoining brick buildings about 100 meters from the China border.
In digging up the old factory and its premises, accessories were found — 1.2 inch-diameter Emulsion Explosives, 120 unharmed bags and 300 broken bags of reddish-brown explosives with 20 packs in each bag, 4 bottles each containing 500 milliliters of ethanol, one 300 milliliter container of ammonia solution, one 500 gram container of sodium chloride, one 500 gram bottle of ammonium chloride, 37 bags of 25-kilogram hydrogenated tallowamine, 0.25 tonnes of pine tar grease and 35 pieces of laboratory equipments.
In 2009, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) armed groups built weapon factories and drug factories in LaukKai region in an attempt to launch armed terrorist attacks. Due to area clearance operations conducted for peace and stability in the area by Tatmadaw troops, they fled the area, leaving the explosives and accessories buried. The discovered explosives and accessories are to be destroyed systematically in combination with mine clearance groups. The site and nearby area is being cleared by the government troops.

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