*    MATURITY means : The quality of thinking or behaving in a sensible adult manner; the state of being fully grown or developed.
-The Oxford Dictionary
Kindly allow me to analyze the word,
Maturity, in the following way:
•    M    for    Motherly / Fatherly / Love
•    A        for    Altruism
•    T        for    Taking  Responsibility
•    U        for    Understanding  Self & Others
•    R        for    Righteousness
•    I        for    Integrity
•    T        for    Tolerance
•    Y        for    You & I Preferring One Another
For a person to be mature, it would be necessary for them to think and act like an adult. It would be much better if they can manage to nurture and cultivate motherly/fatherly love in themselves. Motherly/Fatherly love is the highest manifestation of being a mature person. Nothing can compare with Motherly/Fatherly love in the matter of self-sacrifice, self-denial, fortitude, endurance, and resilience.
Altruism means : The fact of caring about the needs and happiness of other people more than your own. (Oxford Dictionary)
Man is by nature ego-centric, more or less. It is the sense of maturity that transcends egotism and immaturity of character. By sincerely taking care to follow as much as possible the practice of : “Love All, Serve All; Hurt Never, Help Ever,” we can cultivate our sense of maturity.
Being proactive is taking responsibility for one’s own life, job and relationship. Only by  taking charge of one’s own life, one would be able to shape one’s own future. Immature people are not in charge of their own lives; they, in one way or another, prefer to rely on other people. They have little sense of independence and self-reliance. Without a full measure of self-reliance, one cannot be fully mature in character.
A mature person seeks to understand oneself first. First of all, he/she tries to understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses on the one hand; and opportunities and challenges in the environment, on the other. A mature person seeks first to understand other people; and then try to make oneself to be understood by other people.
Righteousness means :   (1) Morally right and good;
(2) That   you   think is morally
acceptable or fair.                 (Oxford Dictionary)
A mature person is righteous in such a way that he/she is always inclined to think and act just as St. Francis had prayed : “O Lord, Grant that, I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, and to be loved as to love.”
Integrity means  :          (1) The quality of being honest
and having strong moral prin-
(2) The    state  of  being   whole          and not divided.            (Oxford Dictionary)
A mature person’s way of living is always seamlessly integrated with the practice of : “Simple Living & High Thinking; Plain Living & Hard Struggle; and Diligence & Frugality.”
Tolerance means :   (1) The willingness to accept or tolerate somebody/something, especially opinions or behavior that you may not agree with, or people who are not like you;
(2) The ability to suffer something, especially pain, difficult conditions, etc. without being harmed : tolerance to cold; tolerance to alcohol decreases with age.                  (Oxford Dictionary)
Tolerance has some companions such as patience, understanding, forbearance, forgiveness. The Chief companion of tolerance is Equanimity. TOLERANCE is like a FATHER if MATURITY is the OFFSPRING.
In the Bible it is said ; “Thou shalt prefer one another”. I believe it is the beauty of MATURITY to PREFER ANOTHER PERSON. Without the full power of maturity, we cannot prefer another person. So also, without the tremendous power of maturity, one won’t be able to practice: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” And without the power of maturity, one won’t be able to practice : “Turning the other cheek” policy.
The path to maturity should be :
•    From Ignorance to knowledge to wisdom to insight
•    From badness to goodness
•    From being wrong to being right
•    From apathy to interest to enthusiasm
•    From inertia to industry to initiative
•    From complacency to combativeness
•    From myopia to farsightedness
•    From greed to moderation and temperance to altru-
•    From arrogance to empathy to humility
•    From prejudice to consideration to sympathy
•    From hatred to love

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