May You Distinguish Truth From Falsity!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It reached nearly one and half months that Myanmar has been solving instabilities it had encountered since August 25 this year in northern Rakhine State. There will be different kinds of views over the great and complex problems which took place. At an early stage of the situation, people may lack sense of judgment on account of invented stories, false news, rumors and exaggerations. Yet, when time went past the truth is gradually showing its real image.
    As if a clean and fresh breeze blows away the dark cloud away, truth which can be likened to the wind drove away the darkness which cast over the country. Presently, global communities are coming to be well convinced of actualities in Myanmar. Though there was said to have been global misunderstandings over the Rakhine State Affair, it really occurred within some western countries and OIC member countries only.
    Out of 193 countries in the world, Myanmar has myriads of friendly countries which have sympathetic minds towards our country. Super Powers such as India, China and Russia and countries in the region such as Japan and ASEAN member countries are surrounding us in such a time of difficulty.
    “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” as the saying goes. When someone meets with difficulties, it will be easy for them to differentiate true friends from false ones. Under the current situations, we already had friends with kind, helpful and sympathetic minds in our surroundings. And, some countries had turned back to us after ascertaining reality and true facts. Apart from those who are intentionally fabricating news, there appeared international media which have found out the truth.
    Allegations that Myanmar is a country which is violating human rights, torturing the weaker minorities, without solid evidences are really biased and groundless accusations and exaggerations. These are deeds made intentionally by ultra-opportunists who would like to exploit benefits for their own sakes.
    Had anyone wanted to have solved a problem rightfully and peacefully, they should have spoken out just after having studied and assessed actualities on the ground, roots of causes and background history. Failing that, such imprudent sayings and groundless allegations will be deeds of fake friends who are waiting for conspiring destruction of our nation.
    Hatred cannot bring about good results. Instead, peaceful co-existence between countries is the best way for each other. To sum it up, now that different people with different views around the world are beginning to understand actual situations on Rakhine State affair, I wish some politicians and activists can perform for world peace, liberating themselves from the shadow of spreading political propagandas, exaggeration and personal exploitation.
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