ME to Thailand issues banking guidelines for Myanmar workers

Myanmar Embassy to Thailand in Bangkok notified dos and don’ts before opening bank accounts and protecting information for Myanmar workers on 6 June.
Myanmar MoU workers in Thailand holding Passport Job types need to open bank accounts at the designated banks of their MoU companies. Those who are not familiar with banking follow representatives of the companies, in which some representatives hold their bank savings books instead.
Additionally, some of them are involved in online gambling and money laundering cases with the use of the bank accounts of the workers. The suspicious frequent banking transactions and saving of large amounts made the Thailand authorities tail the bank account owners and seize, arrest and warrant Myanmar workers. Some are on their run from them.
Myanmar Embassy notified that individuals can ask for help from the embassy and labour attaché office by providing a passport copy, contact number, bank name and branch of their bank and photo of a person who gave service to open the account for them if possible and other documents.
Myanmar workers are notified to keep their bank accounts, save books, and protect their confidential information PIN. — TWA/KK

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