Media company warned over violation of anti-corruption directive

A LARGE media company was notified of its violation of the directive on the reception of gifts, according to an announcement by the President’s Office yesterday.
The President’s Office dispatched copies of the directive to all government departments, announced it in newspapers and uploaded it onto its website on 1 April as part of the effort to eliminate the practice of corruption and bribery.
The media company invited high-ranking cabinet officials to its pavilion during the recent New Year festival, the announcement said, adding that a personal assistant to a very important person was among the dignitaries.
A New Year gift was presented to the personal assistant, without the officer knowing it contained K5 million (US$4,237) in cash.
The anti-corruption directive set the limit for a single gift at K25,000, with a maximum of K100,000 as yearly gifts from organisations or individuals.
No action will be taken against the company, even though the value of the gift exceeded the limit. The government considers this to be the first incident of bribery during the grace period.
The best policy to root out corruption and bribery is ‘not to give’ and ‘not to take’, the announcement stated.
The K5 million in cash will be handed over to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement to be used in its effort to build water facilities in water-scarce areas.
The President’s Office has called for active public participation in the fight against corruption and bribery. —Myanmar News Agency

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