Meeting on development of Myanmar movie law

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Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint addresses the meeting on development of Myanmar’ new motion picture law in Yangon. Photo: MNA

A meeting to discuss future plans for the development of Myanmar’s new Motion Picture Law was held yesterday afternoon at the Printing and Publishing Department (PPD) meeting hall in Theinbyu Street, Yangon.
In his opening speech at the meeting, Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint said all parties need to work together on the establishment of a new Motion Picture Law that is in accord with modern times, and discussed moderating the censorship policy, prior to the establishment of the new Motion Picture Law.
Also, Myanmar Motion Picture Organization patron U Soe Moe (Baji Soe Moe) and Chairman U Zin Wine discussed matters to be moderated in the censorship policy and amendments to the Television and Video Law.
Additionally, Information and Public Relations Department Director-General U Ye Naing discussed details about the existing law, rules, and the code of conduct during the reformation period for the movie and video censor board, as well as amendments to the Television and Video Law for the all-level meeting to be held at the Ministry of Information on 9 March. The Union Minister coordinated the discussions.

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