Meeting on Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act (draft) held

1223 NS
The UAG Office coordination meeting on amending legislation in progress.

The Office of the Union Attorney-General held the coordination meeting on the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act (Draft) yesterday morning.
The meeting was attended by Union Attorney-General Dr Thida Oo, Deputy Attorney-General U San Lwin, Director-General and officials from the Legal Scrutiny and Advisory Department and the Union Supreme Court Office.
At the meeting, the Union Attorney-General said it was known from the meeting of the State Administration Council (1/2021) that many laws had not been drafted and enacted in various Union ministries.
She said according to the instruction to join the professors from the law departments in Universities with the Union Attorney-General’s Office in order to enact laws as soon as possible, the list of bills that should be passed at present has been submitted to the State Administration Council after the meeting with officials from the Union-Level departments and organizations.
She added the Code of civil Procedure (Amendment) Act (Draft) is an addition to Section 89-A of the Code of Civil Procedure Act and a requirement for the establishment of the Mediation process as a means of resolving disputes amicably between parties to conflicts that are separate from the judicial process of the Supreme Court. She continued it is not against the policies and objectives set by the State and is a law that needs to be enacted immediately, and such meetings would continue to be held on other laws that should be enacted soon.
The attendees discussed the details of Section 89-A (draft) of the act. — MNA

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