Meiktila hiking team climbs 6,020 ft.-high mountain

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Members of Meiktila mountaineering team pose for a photo on Mt. Elephant in Thazi. Photo: Chantha

A mountaineering team from Meiktila, Mandalay Region, has successfully climbed the Elephant Mountain, which is 6,020 feet high, in Thazi Township, Mandalay Region, on 15 July at 11am.
The Meiktila hiking and mountaineering team was formed more than five years ago. The team has already climbed the Elephant Mountain four times. The first time, the team climbed the mountain with 15 members, of which only 14 reached the top of the mountain. The second time, the team climbed with 50 members, of which only 48 reached the top.
The third time, the team climbed with over 80 members, of which only 76 reached the top. This year it is remarkable, because the team climbed with 135 members and all the team members successfully reached the top of the Elephant Mountain.
The Meiktila hiking and mountaineering team of 135 members made an overnight trip on 14 July to a monastery in Myinsaigon Village. Then, they started the hiking trip at the gathering point on 15 July around 5.30am to climb the Elephant Mountain. The team successfully reached the top of the mountain at around 11am, according to Ko Tun Lwin, person in charge of information from the Meiktila hiking and mountaineering team.
The team’s slogan is “Love nature; don’t leave anything of your footprints”. Therefore, the members of the team did not leave any trash but brought them back in their bags during each hiking trip.
The mountaineering team from Meiktila is planning to climb Myin Ma Hti Mountain in Kalaw Township next August. Then, the team will also climb Victoria (Nat Ma Taung) Mountain in Chin State or Mae Nae Mountain in Hopong Township next September.


Chantha (Meiktila)

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