Meiktila hiking team to scale Mt. Phonekan Razi in Putao

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Mountaineering team from Meiktila is planning to climb the Mount Phonekanrazi in Putao. Photo: Chan Tha (Meiktila)

A hiking and mountaineering team from Meiktila is planning to climb the 11,920-feet snow-capped Mount Phonekan Razi in Putao after scaling the East-and-west-side-viewing Mountain in Ywangan Township and the Mae Nae mountain in Hopong Township.
The team will climb the East-and-west-side-viewing mountain, measuring 7,752-feet in height, on 5 January. They will head to the 8,000-feet Lwemile Mountain in the Mae Nae mountain region of Hopong Township in February.
The two trips will be sponsored by the United Pharma Company. The trip to Mount Phonekan Razi will also be sponsored. The team will suspend hikes during the summer.
In keeping with their slogans, ‘love natural environment’ and ‘don’t throw any litter’, the team’s members have been bringing back their trash from each hiking trip. They have also restricted intake of alcohol and barred drugs. Those who violate the restrictions face permanent dismissal. Doctors on the team are also providing free medical treatment to locals along the hiking trail. The team is also donating money and necessities to locals.
The Meiktila hiking and mountaineering team has over 1,000 members. About 160 members take part in each trip. In 2018, the team hiked Mount Popa, Mount Hasin, Mount Myinmahti, Mount Pyatkhayay, and Mount Sein Kanaut Mya Kanaut.


—Chan Tha (Meiktila) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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