Meiktila mountaineering team ascends 6020ft high Elephant Mountain

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Members of Meiktila mountaineering team poses for a photo on Mt. Elephant in Thazi. Photo: Chantha (Meiktila)

An 80-member mountaineering team from Meiktila successfully reached the peak of the 6020 feet high Elephant Mountain on 30 June.
The team started their climb from Myindike Village at 5 am, and reached the mountain’s peak at 11 am. The oldest member of the team was aged 71 and the youngest 15.
During the climb, a team led by U Nay Oo, the head of the Meiktila Red Cross Society, offered courses which involved group activities to improve climbing discipline, said Dr. Myat Min, in charge of the Meiktila mountaineering team. The team donated K200,000 for development activities in Myindike Village and K100,000 for the Myittar Yaykyi clinic.
Twenty members of the mountaineering team continued on to the Myin Ma Hti Mountain yesterday, and they will participate in a climbing expedition to Ma Dwe and Phonkanrazi mountains. — Chan Thar (Meiktila)

(Translated by La Wonn)

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