Members of Star Light Operation affiliated with Moon Light Operation that perpetrated attacks in Insein, Hline, Hlegu townships arrested together with firearms

The terrorist groups CRPH, NUG and PDF conduct acts of terrorism in the country. The police raided No 561 in Thiho Kyaung street in Aung San Ward of Insein township and arrested Aung Kaung San (aka) Kaung Kaung, Shine Aung (aka) Waing Chit and Nay Min Htet together with the firearms.
According to the confession of Nay Min Htet, the security members arrested Thurein (aka) Naing Lin Khant, Phone Myat Hlaing, San Yadana Kyaw, Khine Mar Soe and Saw Win Ko Ko Tun who conducted the bombing attacks in Insein Township together with TOYOTA Vitz car near Kwe Ka Baw hospital in Mingyi street in East Ywama Ward in Insein Township on 23 October.
According to the words of Thurein (aka) Naing Lin Khant, the police raided No 123 in (a+6) street, A+B Ward of Myothit in Insein township on 23 October and did not find the suspect Kyaw Kyaw Aung, and they arrested Zwe Ko Ko and Thant Zin Myo together with the firearms including the homemade bombs and other materials.

Moreover, the police sized 1 Glock pistol and bullets at No 663 in Thamine Ward of Mayangon Township on 24 October according to the confession of Thurein (aka) Naing Lin Khant. The police also raided the house of Thurein (aka) Naing Lin Khant on the 6th floor of 8th building in Laydauntkan street in (g/a) Ward in Thingangyun Township and seized 13 homemade bombs and arrested Moe Kyaw Thu (aka) Kwan Thee at 9th street of Thiri Myaing Ward in HlineTownship.
According to the confession of suspect Thurein (aka) Naing Lin Khant, the security members arrested Arkar Phyo and Sai Phyo Min Win (aka) Ko Sai at “Aung Myat San” teashop in No (5) Ward of Shwepyitha Township and Nway Nway Hlaing (aka) Khin Thitsar at No 486 in Muditar housing (2) on 29 October.
According to the words of the suspects, the police raided No 248/a in Sein Chal street in No (5) Ward in Shwepyitha Township on 29 October. Meanwhile, the terrorists shot the security members and then the police arrested Kyaw Sithu and Thiha Aung together with bombs. Moreover, they also arrested Su Thitsar who completed the explosive training at No 93 in U Aye 3rd street in No (1) Ward of Hline Township.

The police arrested Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate in No (12) ward of Hline Township on 1 November and another suspect Zeyar Lin in Parami street of No (12) Ward of Hline Township based on the confession of Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate.
According to the words of Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate, the security members raided the house of Ko Aung (aka) Aung Aung who is still at large in Dukatone Village of Hlegu Township on 2 November and arrested Kyaw Kyaw Lwin and Aye Aye Mon together with the explosives including satellite phones, laptops and CDs.
Based on the confession of Aye Aye Mon, the police detained Soe Kyu Myo (aka) Arnoe in the field of Dakutone Village together with rifles, guns and bullets.
According to the words of Soe Kyu Myo (aka) Arnold, the police arrested Zaw Zaw Htet and Thet Paing Oo together with a Sigsauer pistol and bullets near the field of Dakutone Village on 2 November while Myo Min Naing and Khin Maung Oo together with 1 homemade gun.
According to the words of Myo Min Naing, the police seized homemade guns, bombs and other explosives including jingalis in the fish farming pond of Kyaw Kyaw Lin (aka) Tayoke Lay, who is still at large, in Kywal Lan Village of Twantay Township on 4 and 7 November.
Among these suspects, Su Thitsar joined the explosive training courses in KNLA 6th brigade area while Soe Kyu Myo (aka) Arnold in KNLA 7th brigade area with the connection of Phyo Marn Oo (still large from Ngar Su Taung Village) and Zaw Zaw Htet and Thet Paing Oo at the fish farming pond in Kywal Lan village in Twantay Township where Kyaw Kyaw Lin (aka) Tayoke Lay who is still at large lives in.

Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate admitted that Saw Thet Tun (aka) Ti Kyi and Tin Maung Lwin who are still at large and members of Moon Light Operation led by Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy organized the Star Light Operation with 20 members to conduct terrorist attacks on 8 August.
Saw Thet Tun (aka) Ti Kyi members of Moon Light Operation communicated with the fugitive Lwin Ko Latt of NUG to provide the needed weapons to the Star Light Operation group. They then provided 4 M-16s, 2 AK-47s, 2 MK-12s, 2 12-V shortguns, 180 9MM bullets and 360 AK47 bullets and 350 M-16 bullets at the fishing farm pond in Kywal Lan Village of Twantay Township.
The suspects Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate, Thet Paing Oo, Myo Min Naing, Zaw Zaw Htet, Zeyar Lin and Khin Maung Oo created the homemade bombs and guns at the fish pond of Kyaw Kyaw Lin (aka) Tayoke Lay in Kywal Lan Village of Twantay Township. Ko Ko Latt, former treasurer of the NLD and Kyaw Kyaw Linn (aka) Tayoke Lay who are still at large provided financial assistance to Star Light Operation members to make homemade bombs.
The suspect Khin Maung Cho (aka) Char Tate inspected the deployment of security members while another suspects Aung Paing Htet (aka) Mi Htet (still at large) was deployed in Twantay and Hlegu townships, Pyae Soe Naing (aka) Than Chaung (aka) Pino (still at large) in Yankin, Dala and Mingaladon townships and Aung Aung (aka) Ko Aung in Mayangon township.
Moreover, Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy instructed the Moon Light Operation terrorist group to attack using homemade bombs on local battalion of Twantay township, Twantay Police Station, police outpost of Phaya Ngoketo Village and 1 ward administrator, Hlegu Township general administration department office, Land Record office, EPC, Cooperative Office, Myoma police station and security outpost of No 3 highway, Hmawset administration office of Dala Township, entrance Seikkyi and security outpost, Mingaladon township general administration department office, municipal office and RTAD and Mayangon township police station, ward administration office, EPC and junction traffic light.
The suspect Myo Min Naing participated in the murder case against innocent person U Ohn Tun owner of a betel shop from Thiri Mingala market of Hline Township on 23 February, U Sein Lwin from Htan Nyi Naung ricemill street in Kungyangon Ward of Twantay Township.

Moe Kyaw Thu (aka) Kwan Thee exploded a bomb near a wall of Tatmadaw factory in Okkyin railway station road of Hline Township on 13 October. On 20 October, Moe Kyaw Thu (aka) Kwan Thee and Su Thitsar inspected the condition of killing an innocent person U Thein Oo near Thiri Myaing railway station in Hline Township and Zaw Zaw (still at large) shot him to death.
The police arrested 27 suspects — 22 males and 5 females — together with 5 various small weapons, 1 percussion lock firearm, 2 homemade guns, 4 magazines, 175 bullets, 1 gunpowder packet, 6 homemade launchers, 175 grenades, 126 homemade bombs, 67 jingalis, three satellite phones, three gas masks, three gas safety glasses, three laptops and other materials.
Effective actions will be taken against the suspects under the law and the entire people should report the information of the movement of the insurgents to the nearest security forces. — MNA

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