MEODA prohibits stockpile of edible oil amid Covid-19


By Nyein Nyein
Myanmar Edible Oil Dealers Association (MEODA) has urged the people not to over-stockpile the edible oil to ensure its price stability in the market.
“On account of the global outbreak and spread of COVID-19, the people in Myanmar are now stockpiling the edible oil excessively and this can cause price instability of edible oil. This being so, people should buy it, as usual,” said MEODA Chairman U Myint Kyu. “People are also panic-buying the dried rations in excess due to false rumours on social media like Facebook. As they are purchasing five times more than as usual, it is hard to find the number of goods in the same place. We are making arrangements to ensure a sufficient supply of goods in town by manufacturing the products locally and importing them. The edible oil is being sold at the normal price in the supermarket. So, we would like people to know that they need not worry about the possible shortage of the goods and we want them to buy usual quotas,” he added. The association has announced on 19 March that they are taking measures to prevent the insufficient supply of edible oil and to ensure the fair price prevailing in the market.
They are also making necessary measures to ensure regular operation of the edible oil mills for sufficient supply in the local market, prior storage of the raw materials to avoid the crisis, and continuous importing of high-quality edible oil. The edible oil-exporting countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are still running their mills and they do not suspend the exports of edible oil. The MEODA is now collaborating with the government to overcome the health and socio-economic issues caused by the pandemic disease.
Moreover, they will release real-time information and announcements concerning the status of import and distribution of edible oil locally. The government has been making prevention and response measures against the Covid-19. A national-level central committee was also formed on 13 March to prevent, contain and respond to the Covid-19. “We welcome this national task force as the State Counsellor is its Chairperson. We will cooperate with UMFCC and its affiliated organizations as well as with relevant committees formed by the Government,” MEODA Chairman U Myint Kyu stressed. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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