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Merchants get handsome prices for mango in Sino-Myanmar border trade

Photo Thant Zin Muse 2 copy
Merchants sorting out good quality mangoes at the whole sale market in Muse.  Photo : Thant Zin (Muse)

Exporters have earned a handsome price from the sale of domestically produced mangos to China through Muse 105th mile border trade camp in the last week of April, according to border traders.
The market saw a steady increase in export volume of mangos when selling prices are high for the fruits in comparison with last week.
Based on quality and freshness, a ton of mango was priced at 2,500-8,000 Chinese yuan (K543,000-K1.74 million) in the Muse border market during the week. The exchange rate of Myanmar Kyat against Chinese yuan is K221-226 per yuan in the final week of last month.
During the period, watermelon was sold for 2,000-3,000 Chinese yuan per ton while a ton of cucumber was worth 2,300-6,000 Chinese yuan.
In the period of 24-30 April, border merchants exported about 2,300 tons of mangos to China from the Muse gate, which also handled the export of over 13,000 tons of watermelons and 66.5 tons of cucumbers, however, there was no export of white pumpkin from the gate this week, according to the wholesale fruits and vegetables suppliers.
According to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistical report, the border trade value from the Muse station between October and April stood at US$2.96 billion, which saw a decline in value by over $500 million against the corresponding period a year ago.
Mango producers are continuing their efforts to boost production of a top-quality standardized mango and related products, seeking new market opportunities. Roughly, there are 250,000 acres of mango plantations throughout the country and 200,000 acres of plantations can yield about 700,000 tons of mangoes.
Myanmar’s mangoes are sent mainly to China and India, followed by Bangladesh, Thailand, Korea, Singapore and Japan.—Khine Khant

(Translated by
Khaing Thanda Lwin)

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