Message of Greetings by President U Win Myint at Naga New Year Festival-2020 held in Lahe Town in Naga Self-Administered Zone

(15 January 2020)

Dear esteemed Naga ethnic nationals of the Union and all the national brethren in Naga Self-Administered Zone,
First of all I would like to express my appreciation and honor for this opportunity to personally attend the 2020 Naga New Year Festival. I also make a wish at this great occasion for the auspiciousness and good fortune of Naga people and all the national brethren in Naga Self-Administered Zone.
I firmly believe that the mists of Naga Mountain range, snows and mists, the natural beauty of forests and mountains, traditional costumes of the Naga people at the New Year Festival, ritual dances and gracious hospitality would be able to attract the hearts of local and foreign visitors.
It is learnt that the traditional festival is organized to share experiences of the previous year, to adopt best-laid plans for solving possible challenges in the New Year and to make wishes for good weather, abundant harvest of crops and vegetables, and to pray for good health and success of domestic animal breeding.
Since our Union Government assumed responsibility, we have focused on rule of law, socioeconomic development of people, national reconciliation, internal peace and the Constitution amendment process which is required for laying a firm foundation for the Democratic Federal Union. In working for socioeconomic development of the people, the government has been trying to maintain a harmonious balance among States and Regions, as well as all the ethnic national brothers and sisters in remote areas like the Naga Self-Administered Zone.
By using the budget allocations of the Union government and State government each fiscal year, relevant ministries are working for development of agriculture, livestock, transportation, education, health, economics and social sectors of Naga areas. The government has arranged to conduct development programmes and training courses for ethnic national people, and is also creating opportunities in line with local requirements. Moreover, support is being given to the students who have passed the matriculation exam to enable them to continue their studies in vocational schools and institutes of higher education.
Dear brothers and sisters of Naga region,

President U Win Myint delivers the address at the Naga Traditional New Year Festival. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint delivers the address at the Naga Traditional New Year Festival. Photo: MNA

During the term of our Union Government we have been striving hard to implement development programmes in cooperation with Union Ministries, Region/State governments, and the leading bodies of self-administered regions/zones.
We have noticed that the Naga Self-Administered Zone remains undeveloped in education, health and other sectors due to poor transportation to this area. Both urgent short plans and long term plans are needed for multi-sectoral development in the Naga region. The Union Government, State government and the leading body of self-administered zones are carrying out the plans. The cooperation of ethnic brothers and sisters is important in these works.
One of the crucial requirements for the Naga Self-Administered Zone is construction of inter-town road network that links Lashi, Lahe and Nanyun townships. The road section between Lahe and Nanyun has been completed, and it is advised to finalize the remaining section between Lahe and Lashi after allocating budgets in respective fiscal years.
Naga ethnic brothers and sisters, I really appreciate the effort of relevant departments in upgrading transportation in Naga Self-Administered Zone, and the officials are urged to improve the existing situation. Responsible persons need to work for harmonious development in the education and healthcare sectors for the Naga people. It is also required to continue working for betterment of economic and social sectors for the people in the Naga Self-Administered Zone.
Cooperation of the people plays a crucial role for the success of regional development programmes which require a mindset of taking individual responsibility with good will and enthusiastic efforts . Some civil service personnel in the area are the locals, while some others are from other regions. They all are urged to serve well for the region wholeheartedly to fulfill the needs of the Naga region as much as possible.
I conclude my message of greetings to the New Year Festival of Naga national people with the best wishes for the physical and mental wellbeing of our ethnic national brothers and sisters, fulfillment of their aspirations, good weather conditions, abundant crops, success in livestock breeding, and for peace, prosperity and development of the Union.

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