Message of Greetings from President U Win Myint On the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of Mon State Day celebrations


(19 March 2020)

Dear esteemed Mon ethnic brothers and sisters living in Mon State,
It gives me great pleasure and honour to send this message of greetings on the occasion of the 46th Mon State Day Anniversary celebrations which falls on 19 March. I send good wishes for auspiciousness and good fortune of all Mon ethnic nationals born of the Union.
Although Mon State was included in Tenasserim division, because of the submission made by visionary Mon leaders, 19 March 1974, the day on which the word “Mon State” was written in the 1974 constitution was designated as Mon State Day. We have celebrated this day every year and this day marks the 46th anniversary. Although the majority of Mon ethnic nationals live in Mon State, just like in other regions of Myanmar, union born ethnic nationals are living in unity and close friendship in this state. In the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which has been formed with more than one hundred ethnic national races, there has been a very good historical tradition of many union born ethnic nationals living as brothers and sisters in close friendship.
It is thus very important for all the ethnic national races to live in unity as a close-knitted family for the union to develop and endure for a long time. At the present moment, the union of Myanmar is on the path of democratic transition. For our newly established democracy to mature and endure for a long time, peace and development is very important. This is why our Union Government has been making strenuous efforts for national reconciliation, union peace and development as priority tasks.
For the attainment of enduring peace, which has been the aspiration of all ethnic national races for so many years, our Union Government has convened the Union Peace Conference-21st Panglong, to solve political problems, which are the root causes of armed conflicts, through discussions and dialogues, and to establish a Democratic Federal Union acceptable to all ethnic national brothers and sisters.
In the Mon State, as a good result of cordial and friendly discussions between ethnic national brothers and sisters, we have been able to achieve the cessation of armed conflicts. As the cessation of armed conflicts and peace and stability have been achieved, we have seen the fruits of socio-economic progress of the people such as improvements in the political, economic, social, education, health and transport sectors to a certain extent. It is important to note the importance of working consistently for cessation of armed conflicts and eventual attainment of enduring peace.
I would also like to urge all union born ethnic national brothers and sisters to have mutual understanding, forgiveness, mutual trust and respect as you face and overcome the challenges and difficulties in building a genuine Democratic Federal Union, with ardent determination, unflagging zeal, indomitable spirit and wisdom to determine what is right and wrong,
I believe that we can reach our goal of establishing a peaceful and prosperous Democratic Federal Union if all our union born ethnic national races strive hand in hand together, in unity and with union spirit.
May all Mon ethnic nationals and residents of Mon state have all their wishes fulfilled; may you all be able to enjoy the fruits of unity, development, progress, peace and tranquility together with other ethnic national brothers and sisters living in other parts of the Union; may you all be able to participate and strive hand in hand harmoniously with all ethnic nationals in building the Democratic Federal Union; may the Mon state and the whole Union be blessed with peace and prosperity. I give these solemn blessings as I send this message of greetings to honoUr the 46th anniversary of Mon state day. —MNA

Sd/- Win Myint

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