Message of Greetings sent by President U Htin Kyaw on the occasion of the 17th Anniversary of the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference


It gives me great pleasure and honour to send these warm greetings to all Myanmar Traditional Medicine healers and all Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners who have come to attend the 17th Anniversary of the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference which is being held today. I send them good wishes for their physical and mental well-being.
Today marks the 17th Anniversary of the “Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference”, which had been convened annually since the year 2000. This Conference had been convened annually without fail with the following objectives: to ensure that the world of Myanmar Traditional Medicine achieves all-round improvement; to promote the development of Myanmar Traditional Medicine; to raise the integrity and professional ethics of Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners; and to raise the quality and effectiveness of Myanmar Traditional Medicines.
At every conference, representatives from the Department of Traditional Medicine who have been responsible for matters relating to Myanmar Traditional Medicine, representatives from the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council, representatives from the Association of Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners, representatives of Myanmar Traditional Practitioners from various localities in various states, representatives of those whose professions are related to traditional medicine have met to discuss and exchange views with the objective of ensuring the progress and development of the world of Traditional Medicine Practitioners. I believe that they had no doubt succeeded in achieving their objectives.
At this conference, the traditional medicine practitioners and professionals closely related to this practice of healing have come together in friendship and unity to consult, discuss and reason together and to present their experiences, ideas, and positive viewpoints with good intentions for the progress of Traditional Medicine and with the objective of protecting public health and traditional medicine. I am sure that significant and good results will emerge from these deliberations not only for traditional medicine practitioners but also for the State and the people.
Myanmar Traditional Medicine may be considered a heritage and healing practice born out of tradition which has developed based on Myanmar’s climate and geographical location, Myanmar traditional philosophies and beliefs and Myanmar society. It developed in correlation with all these factors.
It is for these reasons that the Union Government has been giving special emphasis and encouragement to Myanmar Traditional Medicine as a traditional cultural heritage and as a healing practice which can take care of the health care needs of the Union nationals. We want this practice to endure for a long time and progress on a systematic basis.
In accordance with the saying “Health is the greatest of blessings,” only healthy and robust citizens will be able to work for the promotion of the Nation’s interest effectively. The Union Government for its part has been working for the health of all Union nationals and to raise the educational level of the people. As we do this, we are working to raise the level of traditional medicine and to provide better health care coverage to the people using traditional medicine. We have included this as a new policy item in our National health programme.
Esteemed delegates of the Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference,
As Myanmar Traditional Medicine is a collection of many basic healing techniques, many tomes of medicinal treatises, innumerable books of healing practices, and many potent medicines and potions, it is comprehensive and at the same time profound, extensive and subtle. It is for these reasons that we need to systematically preserve and promote it. Only then will these healing practices endure for a long time to develop and spread without disappearing into oblivion.
Thus it is necessary for us to collect and unify the essence of Myanmar Traditional Medicine which is rich and comprehensive and try to develop standards using modern techniques, so that we could all contribute to elevate this healing practice into a comprehensive National Traditional Medicine Practice.
With respect to Traditional Medicine which is truly a traditional heritage of Myanmar and for which we should have Intellectual Property Rights, traditional medicines, traditional healing practices, and medicinal herbs, in order to draw up an Intellectual Property Rights Law, we need to study how laws are related to Intellectual Property Rights Law in foreign countries, so that traditional medicine practitioners, scientists, and legal professionals can cooperate and work together. Furthermore, as we draw up laws suitable for Myanmar and Intellectual Property Rights, it is important to include Myanmar Traditional Medicine, medicinal herbs, healing practices and methods. This is indeed something that is necessary because of the circumstances and the age we are living in.
Esteemed delegates of the Traditional Medicine Conference,
In this age, we have to rely on modern scientific medicine to identify, understand, and cure various types of diseases and ailments that afflict mankind. At the same time the essence of Myanmar Traditional Medicine guides us how to eat and live in harmony and balance in accordance with Karma, Citta, Uttu and Ahara; and how to live in harmony with the climate and environment and how to live and eat accordingly. Thus Myanmar Traditional Medicine enables us to live long free from dangers and diseases; therefore it is truly dependable as a set of healing practices and philosophies. Its principles are sound and correct. In this day and age, we have noticed that not only Myanmar people, but other peoples of the world are also relying more on natural healing methods, natural foods and natural medicines.
That is why we might say that the role of traditional medicines which have been formulated using natural medicines and the healing practices professed by the Myanmar Traditional Practitioners, have become bigger and more widespread.
Knowing and understanding the favourable times and conditions, I believe that all the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners will be able to join hands in unity using this Conference as the platform to:
– To uplift the level of Myanmar Traditional Medicine.
– To gain more trust and confidence on Myanmar Traditional Medicine.
– To work for the sustainability, development and spread of Myanmar Traditional Medicine.
– To work for advancement towards international scientific standards.
– To work for the development of correct and reliable research facilities in the area of traditional medicine.
– To work for the further consolidation and cohesiveness of the Myanmar Traditional Practitioners Association.
– To work for the emergence of modern traditional medicine enterprises and to ensure that truly potent medicines are developed.
– To work for the training and development of traditional medicine practitioners who are more qualified.
Therefore, I send this Message of Greetings with these wishes:
– May the 17th Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference conclude successfully in accordance with the objectives of the conference,
– May the name and dignity of Myanmar Traditional Medicine grow and prosper,
– May you all be able to provide health care and good health of the people using Myanmar Traditional Medicine,
– May all the people have good health.

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