Message of Greetings sent by President U Win Myint on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of Rakhine State Day

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(15 December 2019)

Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters of Rakhine State,
On this auspicious occasion of the 45th Anniversary of Rakhine State Day, I send this Message of Greetings to all ethnic brothers and sisters living in Rakhine State to be blessed with prosperity and auspiciousness.
When the states and regions were designated and established in accordance with the 1974 constitution, Rakhine state was one of the states which were established. The 15th December, the date on which the referendum was started to adopt the 1974 Constitution was designated as Rakhine State Day and from that date onwards the Rakhine State Day has been celebrated every year up till the present moment. Today marks the 45th anniversary of this day.

Our Union Government has been working strenuously for the accomplishment of the following three goals:
– Rule of law and the uplifting of the people’s socio-economic life;
– National reconciliation and internal peace;
– And amendment of the Constitution which is the foundation stone for the establishment of a Democratic Federal Union.
In this endeavour, we have been putting in tremendous efforts for greater effectiveness by aligning the MSDP – Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan 2018 – 2030 with the global SDG’s – Sustainable Development Goals by adopting goals, strategies and programmes.
Rakhine State which is located between the Bay of Bengal and the Rakhine Yoma mountain range is blessed with beaches like the Ngapali beach; furthermore it has fertile lands and is rich with minerals. It also has ancient cultural heritage sites which are priceless. The Rakhine State which is so peaceful and beautiful has lagged behind in development like other states/regions due to successive periods of wrong policies and wrong management.
For this reason our Union Government established the Central Committee for the Development of Rakhine State together with work committees for the short term and long term development of the state giving special priority as soon as we assumed office. In addition, we established the UEHRD – Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development for the development of Rakhine State. Strenuous work has been going on continuously with determination in this regard.
Just as we are working for the stability and peace of Rakhine State, we have been working on the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone and the Deep Seaport project, Kanyin Chaung Economic Zone project, and the Kaladan multi-modal Development project. Furthermore, we organized the Rakhine State Investment Fair in Thandwe township on Ngapali beach to promote investment opportunities in Rakhine State and to link local entrepreneurs with promising local and foreign investors. As a result 30 Memoranda of Intent to the value of approximately USD 5.249 billion have been signed.
To improve the transport infrastructures in Rakhine State which has plenty of lakes and streams, the 960 feet reinforced concrete Daletchaung bridge on the Yangon-Sittway road and the 1920 feet steel frame Kyatsin bridge on the Myebon – Minbya road were opened in 2019. In addition, the 1300 feet Ramong rope bridge is being upgraded into a reinforced concrete bridge; also the 1320 feet reinforced concrete Gwa Chaung bridge which will connect the Ayeyawaddy Region and Rakhine State is under construction.
In December 2018, we were able to supply electricity to Maungdaw township from the national grid. Thus out of 17 townships in Rakhine State, the people in 16 townships are now using electricity. For Manaung township which is an island, we have been working to provide 24 hours electricity supply through a combination of solar, diesel and a hybrid electric power storage electric power generation plant. Thus as an initial phase work has been completed to produce 0.5 megawatts, and we will be able to provide 24 hours electricity supply to 5 wards and 3 villages in December 2019 using solar energy. Work is also continuing to provide 2.5 megawatts from this plant.
To register Mrauk U township in Rakhine State which is the resting place of many sacred Buddha relics on the World Heritage Sites list, we have collaborated with UNESCO to make a submission on 30 September 2019; we are currently working to send the complete submission file on 31 January 2020.
Just as it is important to conserve the heritage of Rakhine State where Buddhism has flourished, we need to regain the peace and tranquility of Rakhine State which has lasted for many years. For this state to become peaceful, beautiful and developed in the future, let us work together with the collective strength of everyone living in this state on this auspicious Rakhine State Day. With these sentiments I send my friendly and solemn Message of Greetings.

(Win Myint)
(Unofficial Translation)

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