Message of Greetings sent by President U Win Myint on the occasion of the Peasants Day Celebrations

president office2 March 2020

Dear esteemed peasants, our benefactors,
On this auspicious Peasants Day, full of significance, I send this message of greetings and good wishes for the good health and well-being of all peasants and for their agricultural productions tasks to be successful by leaps and bounds.
For the development of our nation, export promotion and industrial development are important. So also is food security. Therefore, we have laid down a policy and have been working from all sectors in accordance with the 12 point – Myanmar Economic Policy which stated that efforts will be made to develop a balanced economic system which promotes harmonious development of the agricultural sector, livestock sector and industrial sector for integrated development, food security, and export promotion.
All the peasants who are working in the agricultural and livestock sector, play a vital role in the nation’s economy as they are contribute to the daily food requirements of the people as well as income derived from exports. Therefore, since the socio-economic development of peasants, protection of their rights, and sustainable development of agricultural production are important for national development, we have been strenuously working for protection of peasants’ rights by using the laws and bylaws relating to the agricultural sector.
Since the people of the world including the Myanmar people of today are more well-informed and knowledgeable, they have been consuming healthy food products and therefore it is necessary that agricultural produce sold within the country as well as abroad are of high quality, high standard and free from harmful elements.
In order to build good basic foundations, our Union Government has been working to increase the productivity rate of agricultural and livestock produce as well as to ensure the food security of our citizens and to promote the competitiveness of agricultural products in the international market. To make this happen we have issued relevant guidelines to provide education for production of agricultural and livestock produce in line with good agricultural practices, good practices for raising livestock, and good practices for farming of aquatic animals; we have also taken action to ensure the quality of vegetables, fruits, and farm vegetables, ensure the quality of fish and meat, to make sure that there are no chemical residues, and techniques to reduce post-harvest loss.
For sustainable production of agricultural and livestock produce and for the people to be able to consume nutritious and safe agricultural and livestock produce free from harmful chemicals, in safety and with full confidence, we have issued a statement, the Myanmar organic standards, based on ASEAN organic standards in order to promote the systematic development of organic agriculture in the agricultural sector; and also to make sure that organic standards are strictly adhered to. By giving due regard and abiding by these organic standards, our peasants can penetrate new markets, gain better profits and also gain good merits.
Dear esteemed peasants, our benefactors,
At the present time, due to climate change we are witnessing natural disasters such as drought, floods, hail storms, forest fires, storms and landslides which are affecting the socio-economic life of peasants.

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