Message sent by President U Win Myint on the occasion of the 73rd Union Day 2020

State seal of Myanmar.svg copy(12th February, 2020)

Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
Today is auspicious 73rd Union Day for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. On this auspicious occasion which reflects the unity and the union spirit of our nationals, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all the nationals who live together in this country and wish all of you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.
Myanmar made every endeavor to regain the independence by sacrificing the lives, blood and sweat of its people for many years after being occupied by the Colonialists for more than 100 years. General Aung San and the leaders of the national races, with the purpose of gaining independence in the mainland as well as hilly regions simultaneously, signed the historic Panglong Agreement on 12th February 1947, and proved the unity of all the nationals. The day on which the Panglong Agreement was signed to exhibit the union spirit and unity of all the nationals was designated as the Union Day and this year sees its 73rd Anniversary.

Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
In order to preserve our sovereignty and independence which was regained after sacrificing the lives, blood and sweat of the national races, we must strive for non-disintegration of the union, non-disintegration of the national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty and it is important for all the national brethren to continue to preserve our independence with our united effort.
Owing to the bitter legacy of the divide and rule policy of the Colonialists, lack of trust, doubts and diverse outlooks have grown among the nationals after the independence. As a result, armed conflicts have emerged within the country which remains as a hindrance for the development of the nation and the living standard of all national brethren has been lowered. Especially, in the regions which have suffered continued armed conflicts for many decades, there is faint hope for the development of the region and basic human rights are lost.
Though the previous governments have strived throughout the decades to cease internal armed conflicts and to bring about peace in various ways, no political dialogues have been effectively made to reach the compromise and find solutions for the causes of the armed conflicts. The present government has been speeding up the peace process by formulating a national policy and by taking it as the main priority, as peace is believed to be crucial for the development of the nation, for promoting the democracy, for resolving the internal armed conflicts and for achieving sustainable peace.
The government has been endeavoring national reconciliation and peace, and up to 10 ethnic armed groups have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement(NCA). The Union Peace Conference, which brought about the commonality of agreement through the political dialogues and negotiations, has been held three times and 51 points of basic federal rules necessary for establishing a Democratic Federal Union have been achieved in different parts of Union Agreement Treaty.
The basic necessity for the national reconciliation, the successful implementation of peace process and the eternal peace for the nation is the union spirit, which originated from the united strength of all national races. If all the national races worked together with unity like the way they did in the pre-independence days 73 years ago, I firmly believed that sustainable peace will be achieved throughout the country in the very near future.
Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
When peace prevails in the whole nation, all states and regions will be developed and the social security and socio-economic development of all the national people will be promoted. It is crucial that all the national people, while taking their own responsibilities, join hands in hands with the government to ensure the prevalence of the law and order, impartial judiciary, and the security of the national people.
For the economic development of the country, it is necessary to promote the role of national entrepreneurs in addition to seeking ways to increase the foreign investment. The government is now paying special attention to the development of transportation across the Union, the increased use of the electricity, the development of tourism business, the case of trading, the increase in local products, and the expansion of micro, small and medium enterprises and private sector.
While the government has also been trying to put every effort in the national level health and education promotion programmes, the nationals must work together with the government in combating drug abuse and anti-corruption movements as a national responsibility.
As the constitution is the heart of the nation, the nationals must continue to strive to be able to adopt a constitution which is in accord with the standards and fundamental principles of the democracy, relevant to the context of the nation, and consistent with the objectives of the nation. When the democracy flourishes in the country, all the citizens can enjoy the deterrent principles of the world – justice, freedom and equality, which are also the essence of the democracy, and as a result we will be able to establish a true Democratic Federal Union.
Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
As all the national races are living together in harmony with union spirits, we must work together to preserve the cultures and customs of all the nationals and to have equal opportunity and social development of all the nationals.
I firmly believe that when there is no doubt or mistrust among our national brethren, we can strengthen the national unity and national reconciliation among national brethren and will be able to establish a true Democratic Federal Union.
Therefore, on this union day, I would like to urge strongly the nationals to work hard to achieve the following five national objectives of 73rd Union Day in 2020;
1. to strive for non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of the national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty with the united effort of all national brethren;
2. to continue to carry out the successful implementation of the peace process with the union spirits;
3. to ensure the rule of law, impartial judiciary and the security of all the national people with the united effort of all nationals;
4. to make sure that the living standard of all the national people will be improved by combating the drug abuse as a national duty;
5. to strive for the emergence of a new constitution that is in accord with a true democratic federal union.

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