Message sent by President U Win Myint to honour opening ceremony of 19th Anniversary Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference, Seminar

President U Win Myint delivers the address at the swearing-in ceremony of Myanmar Press Council in Nay Pyi Taw.  Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint delivers the address at the swearing-in ceremony of Myanmar Press Council in Nay Pyi Taw. Photo: MNA

(28 December, 2018)

I wish to honor and welcome the Myanmar
Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference which has been successfully held annually without interruption for the 19th time according to the good tradition with the noble aim of promoting the development of Myanmar traditional medicine sector, which embodies Myanmar traditional qualities and heritage.
At this auspicious time, I send these good wishes for the health and wellbeing of the Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners.

Myanmar traditional medicine is a truly genuine Myanmar traditional heritage which has developed in parallel and in correlation with Myanmar’s natural environment, climate, traditional thinking and beliefs and society.
Myanmar traditional medicine is also a very powerful and effective medical practice which has protected and promoted the health of Myanmar society throughout history. The Union Government is giving encouragement and protecting Myanmar traditional medicine to ensure that it endures for a long time and develops systematically as a traditional cultural heritage as well as a medical practice which can provide the healthcare needs of our citizens in collaboration with western medicine. Furthermore, we have incorporated and recognized Myanmar traditional medical practice as a component of the National Health Policy in order to elevate the standard of Myanmar traditional medicine and also to provide a higher level of health care coverage to the public through the use of Myanmar traditional medicine.
Just as we are opening more traditional medicine hospitals and traditional medicine clinics to provide health care to the public through the use of Myanmar traditional medicine, we have established a university of traditional medicine to produce well qualified traditional medicine practitioners to develop human resources.
The qualifications and skills of traditional medicine practitioners produced by the said university will improve only if the present curriculum, teaching methods and the qualifications of the teachers are re-assessed and improved; only then will the community of traditional medicine practitioners be developed and elevated.
In Myanmar traditional medicine, there are two sectors namely, providing treatment through the use of traditional medicine and the production of traditional medicine. In the sector for providing health care treatment using traditional medicine, because the traditional medicine practitioners have been trained and organized from the ground up at present, we have been able to train and produce not only practitioners with Myanmar traditional medicine degrees but also practitioners with Master’s degrees. I am very happy and proud of this.
In the sector for the production of traditional medicine also, we were having only family owned enterprises in the past; now there are efforts to upgrade the level of traditional medicine production to ISO/GMP certification level. I am very encouraged and satisfied because of this. Now that the advisory board for traditional medicine has been established, I hope that everyone will cooperate and participate and work for the advancement of the traditional medicine community by making use of the advice given by experienced traditional medicine practitioners.
In conclusion, I send this Message of Greetings by expressing the hope that at this conference which has been held with the aim of providing more effective health care with wider coverage to the public, the Ministry of Health and Sports, responsible officials from the Department of Traditional Medicine, Traditional Medicine Council, Association of Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners, Advisory Board for Traditional Medicine, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Producers and Medicine Entrepreneurs Association, all traditional medicine practitioners from the length and breadth of Myanmar, will all discuss and exchange views in unity and friendship. I also hope that by raising the momentum of the development of Myanmar traditional medicine, the public will receive better health care.

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