MFF plans to hold Futsal League in new format

The Myanmar Football Federation’s Futsal and Beach Football Committee will hold the 2023 Futsal League 1 tournament, which will start on 26 February, in a new format.
The futsal league, which has not been held for a few years, will be held again this year, and in order to apply the promotion and relegation system this season, the League 2 tournament will be introduced for the first time in addition to the League 1 tournament.
The 2023 MFF Futsal League 1 tournament will be held with a total of 10 teams in two rounds.
The Myanmar Football Federation will not consider the team with the highest position as the champion team after two rounds of the competition for the championship, but three teams ranked first to third will have to play another play-off match for the championship title.
In order to make the competition more intense, it will be held in the same way as the futsal league is held in countries such as Iran and Japan.
The team with the better ranking after two rounds will have more chances. After two rounds, the top-ranked team will start playing in the play-off final stage, and the second and third-ranked teams will start playing in the play-off semi-final stage.
When the second- and third-ranked teams meet, if the second-ranked team wins the first game, they will qualify for the finals without having to play two more games, but if the third-ranked team wins, they will have to play the next game again.
The final stage will also be played in three games, but if the first-place team wins the first game, they will be the champion without having to play another game, and the team participating in the semi-final stage can win the championship only if they win two games.
The 2023 Futsal League 1 tournament will take place from 26 February to 25 May.
VUC team, including the current champion MIU team, MFF U-18 Team, Winner Soccer Team, Dream Team FC, AMM Brothers Team, Futsal Chit Thu Team, AKG Team, Futsal 19 Team and Generations Team will compete in the tourney. — Ko Nyi Lay/KZL

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