MFFA creates opportunity to breed giant sea perch to local fish farmers

from TZW (2)Yangon, 28 Oct—U Than Lwin, a chairman of the Myanmar Fish Farmers Association, pledged Tuesday to provide local fish farmers with basic requirements, including technical support, to start giant sea perch fish breeding in the next breeding season.
He added producers who want to start giant sea perch farming in suitable places of the country may join with the association to breed the fish on a
commercial scale, inviting them to attend a meeting in December to extensively discuss how to maintain the ponds for giant sea perch breeding and cost of production.
Breeding giant sea perch is a successful farming industry, particularly in Thailand.
In Myanmar, a local breeder started giant sea perch farming in Taninthayi Region under the guideline of an Australian expert. It produced successful outcomes, but the farming is not yet a success in Yangon. It is assumed that technology-related barriers have caused farmers to lose their farms. Therefore, breeders and experts are now discussing how to breed the fish successfully in other areas, the chairman of MFFA said.

According to U Than Lwin, plans are underway to make a detailed plan for giant sea perch farming. It is a part of the whole aquaculture development plan that has been implemented by the Myanmar Fisheries Federation to promote Myanmar’s aquaculture industry. It is expected to finish in January next year. The federation believes that the plan is sure to attract more foreign investment.

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