MHRC officials inspect Mandalay Central Correctional Department

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Officials of MHRC view handmade products made by the inmates at the Mandalay Correctional Department. Photo: Pe Zaw

Myanmar Human Rights Commission (MHRC) members U Yu Lwin Aung and Dr. Myint Kyi inspected the Mandalay Central Correctional Department and separately met with inmates who requested them for meetings on 13 and 14 July, according to MHRC.
MHRC members inspected the status of conducting vocational training for inmates, provision of basic and matriculation education, existence of human rights violations, living and food condition and the health of the inmates. They also met separately with 184 inmates who requested a private meeting and enquired about their difficulties.
Earlier, on the morning of 11 July, the MHRC members went to Bellin (1) and (2) production stations of Singaing Township correctional department and met with inmates in three groups in their sleeping quarters to investigate whether there were any human rights violations.
In addition to this, they inspected the dining room, library and clinic for the inmates and met separately with 28 inmates who requested a private meeting to enquire about their
Later, they inspected police stations and court detention rooms in Kyaukse and Singaing towns. They met with police personnel to enquire about difficulties faced and held discussions over the non-violation of the human rights of people, it is learnt.


Pe Zaw

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