Migrants As Well Belong to Our Human Society

By Maung Thaung Win [Ex-Diplomat]

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Myanmar migrant workers cross the border between Thailand and Myanmar by boat near the Thai port city of Ranong on 3 July. Photo: Reuters

Food, clothing and shelter are the most fundamental needs of human beings. Some people were born in peaceful and prosperous countries, with some born in warring nations and some in highly developed countries where they can get what they want. Some people were brought up in desert-covered countries where purified drinking water was not available adequately. Some luckily came into existences as human beings in the countries in which well-qualified governments govern their countries by taking responsibilities for giving unluckily born in less-qualified dictator-governing countries. This can be said to be effects of Karma, according to Buddhism.
Survival of the fittest According to the saying, “Survival of the fittest,” every human being has to struggle for their survival. Much as a mortal makes concerted effort for his survival in a warring country void of basic amenities—food, shelter and clothing, they will find it difficult even in getting a meager amount of meal daily. Accordingly, they decided to abandon their native lands, finding for greener pastures. At the risks of their lives they had to migrate. Such kinds of people moving from one place to another are called migrant workers.
International Migrants Day December 18 is the International Migrants Day. United Nations General Assembly laid down a charter to give protection for migrants and their families, on December 18, 1999. The charter came into action on 4th December 2000. With a view to sharing information of giving protection for migrants and acquisition of human rights for them, the United Nations Organization urged governments and NGOs to hold ceremonies of the International Migrants Day annually across the world.

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Myanmar migrants are pictured at Tha Sala police station in Nakorn Si Thammarat province in Thailand, on 6 May, 2017. Photo: Reuters

Sorrowful events metDue to abject poverty, climate changes, increasing rate of bribery and corruption, burning civil wars and poor management of governing bodies, a whole slew of people including men, women, children and the aged were displaced to other regions seeming to be fit for their survival, deciding to settle down there. On account of such exodus of migrants, some border areas in some countries are becoming overcrowded with homeless peoples. While going about in such a way, many people lost their lives, especially while crossing seas by boats. Migrants from Libya are facing with risks of loss of lives more than others else. Some died from exploitation of traffickers in persons, in the sea. Family splits and other sorrowful events happened. Still under worriesAmounts of migrants are increasing annually. In 2000, there were only 175 million migrants in the world, with in 2017 increasing up to 250 million. Out of them, nearly 90 million migrants went to Asia Continent. Currently, they are spreading across the world, it was said. Thus, global leaders are under worries concerning migrations. Global countries are gaining economic benefits from these migrants. Though the countries that receive these migrants are facing with benefits and losses in the short run, they will gain much benefit in the long run. They will experience shortage of skilled workers currently, but they must pay less, resulting in increase of their income. Migrants remit over US $ 530 billion annually to their native lands, of them to developing countries US $ 400 billion, according to the World Bank.  Involvement of terrorists in migrants With the inclusion of terrorists among the migrants arriving from the Middle East, terrorist attacks are increasing in EU countries, especially in Britain and France. So, they made restrictions over migrants. As a result, innocent migrants had to lose their lives at seas. What a loss of invaluable lives!
Loss of lives In 2017 alone, the amounts of lost lives in the Mediterranean Sea due to boat accidents amounted to over 2000 lives, with over 6000 drowned in 2016. It was a dreadful figure to the world. There may be innocent children among victims. This was actually attributed to deeds of the greediest human traffickers, hence the need to take severely action against them.
Migrants as well belong to our human societyIn actuality, anyone regardless of race, religion, color or status is a human being. Just because of poverty and living under poor regime they had to migrate, as against their wish. So, instead of letting these people lose their lives at seas, arrangements for the systematic acceptance of the migrants after careful scrutiny should be made. In brief, the United Nations Organization laid down the charter for protection of migrants and their families on 18th December 1999. In honor of the day the charter was approved, annually ceremonies of International Migrants Day are held across the world. With a view to giving protection for migrants, global leaders celebrate it. Whatever it is it would be better and pleasant for us to have sympathy and consideration over invaluable human beings.


Translated by Khin Maung Oo

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