Migration for expectation of a better society

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[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]he number of global immigrants today is estimated to reach more than 215 million: if all of these migrants came together for form a country, it would be the fifth most populous on the planet.
These immigrants left their native countries for many reasons, including a desire for economic prosperity, political issues, family re-unification, escaping conflict or natural disaster, or simply the wish to change one’s surroundings. The issue is a highly debated and controversial topic in today’s community.
In Southeast Asia alone, an estimated 54,000 people have undertaken sea crossings in 2014, most of them headed to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In the Caribbean, about 50,000 people are known to have taken to boats last year.  UNHCR received information of more than 4,000 reported deaths in the same year. It has also warned that the international community was losing its focus on saving lives amid confusion among coastal nations and regional blocs over how to respond to the growing number of people making risky sea journeys in search of asylum or migration.
Taking advantages from civil-conflicts, human trafficking networks are flourishing with impunity in areas of instability or conflict, and profiting from human desperation.
As migration have many impacts both on host s countries and original countries of immigrants, the UN Human Rights Office is promoting a human rights-based approach to migration, arguing that the framework provides practical and concrete solutions to the complex challenges of international migration.
Poverty and instability are mainly resulted from political or civil conflicts, while fleeing from natural disasters such as drought, flood and earthquakes needs cooperation of international community with protective measures for refugees not to fall into human trafficking rings.
A fundamental and common reason for immigrants is that they feel insecure in their areas. However, stability of a state relies on both the governments and citizens. While the word authority should not represent or cruelty, people need strategic ways and proper means in facing challenges. Migration is not the only solution to create a better society for everybody.

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