Migration is at an alarming rate across the world


Nowadays, the movement of the people from some nations away from their own countries to live and work in other countries is extremely alarming. Poverty, violence, civil war and injustice are the major causes for them to leave their countries of origin indeed. As the chaos and devastation have been occurring in their countries of origin they cannot even expect for their survival and safety. They take their families and move to explore the better and safer place to live in. Actually, they intend to live and work in the other countries which are better than their own countries such as safety, earning and human rights. Nevertheless, they are at the risk to enter the prosperous countries illegally.  Unfortunately, some became the victims of human traffickers on the way to their desired destination. Instead of reaching the desired destination, they were trafficked to the third world. The young and old folks from war-torn countries are emigrating en massee. The migrants aim to enter the Europe countries and they are from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. The migrants those who fled their motherland encounter hopeless future for their survival in their countries. Some big nation leaders pity them and allow them to stay in the countries. Even then the migrants are given temporary stay permit and jobs on conditions that they ought not to disturb or make any violent crimes while staying in the host countries. The governments of the respective host countries issue documents of stay permit for the migrants on humanitarian ground. The documented migrants can work in the host countries legally. On the other hand, the host countries get some manpower from the group of migrants entered their countries. To some degree, the host countries gain benefits by utilizing the manpower of migrants in the productivity and workforce. If there is a constant harmonious relationship between the host countries and the migrant workers, both can enjoy the mutual benefit indeed. Otherwise, there may be disruption and chaos in these host countries. It is important that the migrants should be grateful and loyal to the peoples of the host countries. In addition, the documented migrant workers always need to be harmonious with the native people or local people. Actually, the migrants or refugees are the ones those who are in great trouble seeking haven and humanitarian contributions across the world. Nobody can deny that the host countries show mercy and kindness toward the refugees or migrants. Therefore, any country which accepts the refugees or migrants must be honored for their humanity and compassion. If they do not accept the multinational refugees or migrants, these man-made- disaster-stricken humans will be helpless in hellish life.
The problem of alarming migration rate in the world should be solved by means of cooperation or discussions among nations across the world regardless of poor or rich nations. Prehistoric man traveled and explored the greener pasture for their survival on this planet independently. In modern age or computer age, man cannot move easily from one place to another for seeking better life or creature comforts due to man-made territory or boundary of different races on earth. Nevertheless, the compassionate people never ever ignore the other people who are in despair and trouble for survival and help with aids and assistance willingly. Each and every nation must help the real migrants who obey and abide by the rules and regulations of the host countries. The migrants owe the host countries for saving their lives and allowing them to do some livelihood legally. Moreover, the migrants owe loyalty to the governments of the host countries. The human migration may go on through ages because no place on earth is perfect or safe for human settlement due to unforeseen circumstances or all sorts of disasters. For example; natural disaster, man-made disaster and civil war etc. Since we gained the achievement of IT, the world has turned to a global village. Then all the issues become global concern and we humans work together in solving them with common agreement. To tackle the issue of migration across the world, we must focus on the root causes and humanity. We may see or hear that each country make efforts for socio-economic development, depending on their human resources and natural resources. Some are lagging behind others and some are advancing. In this regard, the people from un-prosperous countries move to prosperous countries for better life and earnings. This is their basic intention why they migrate to prosperous countries. Furthermore, they want to become documented migrant workers in the prosperous countries. To sum up, we live in a global village and we ought to help each other humanely and compassionately in the harmonious way. The migrants owe the host countries a debt of gratitude for what they have done !

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