Migratory water birds arrive at Inlay Lake Sanctuary

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Migratory water birds have arrived at Inlay Lake, Sagar Lake and Moebye Dam in the area of Inlay Lake sanctuary in southern Shan State as of mid-October.
A total of 6,720 migratory water birds of 11 species were counted, along with 1,022 resident water birds of 13 species, totalling 7,742 birds, an official of Inlay Lake sanctuary administrator office said, adding that 2,561 migratory forest-dwelling birds have also been counted at the sanctuary.
Local and foreign guests and researchers are interested in viewing the rich biodiversity of Inlay Lake, one of Myanmar’s prime wetland areas.
The migratory birds arrive in the nation’s wetland areas every year in the cold season.–Nay Myo Thurein

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