Military columns seize arms and ammunitions from Kokang insurgents in clashes


A military column, while combing the region, met with some Kokang insurgents in a clash, east of Kywepa Village in Laukkai region, at 5.20 p.m. on Wednesday. Due to attacks of Tatmadaw column, the insurgents withdrew to the eastern part.
At 7.40 p.m., some Kokang insurgents opened fire at a military column, southeast of Kywepa Village but they withdrew to the east under attacks of the military column.
In the incidents, two rocket launchers, six magazines, three equipment of sub-machine gun, five grenades, 278 bullets of sniper, 425 rounds of ammunition of M-22, one bullet box, four bullet proof courts, 15 uniforms with MNDAA badges, 14 empty knapsacks, eight TNT blocks and one fuse were seized from Kokang insurgents. One military serviceman sacrificed life for the State and one was wounded.
On 3 March afternoon, a Tatmadaw column and police, acting on tip-off, searched the house of U Htein Hsan in Tonchein Village in Laukkai Township and seized one .38 pistol, one magazine, 16 bullets, two camouflage uniforms, four green uniforms, K515,000 and yuan 540.—Myawady

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