Minbu boasts tourist attraction cultural sites

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Shin Pin Set Kein Te Pagoda of Minbu. Photo: U Win Naing

Minbu Township of Magway Region boasts of its famous cultural areas and tourist attraction sites. The people can make a trip to Shwe Settaw Pagoda, Shin Pin Set Kein Te Pagoda, Dattaw Kone Pagoda, Shin Minbu Pagoda, Auk Kyaung Pagoda and Naga Pwat Taung by cars, horse carts and three-wheeled vehicles.
Shin Pin Set Kein Te Pagoda is one of the famous pagodas in Magway. When the Buddha resided at Zaytawun monastery in Sàvatthi, He was offered Sandakku Nant Thar Kyaung Taw Yar. Then, He went to Kay Lar Tha Ba Taung, and Thagyarmin (King of celestial) welcomed with couch and bowl made of emerald and Shwe Te temple while Brahma with the white umbrella.
Thagyarmin constructed stone pagoda (Koe Taung Pyae) with the enshrining of Shwe Te temple and erected the stone inscription and also named the pagoda as Set Kein Te. When King Dut-Ta-Baung visited the Sandakku Nant Thar Kyaung Taw Yar in 132ME, he found the spectrum emanating from the Koe Taung Pyae pagoda. Then, the King rebuilt the height of pagoda and replaced with new diamond bud. The weather is always full of dark cloud whenever the golden crown umbrella is donated to Shin Pin Set Kein Te Pagoda.
The pagoda is 109ft in height and located on 200ft compound. There are also booths featuring emerald couch and Thagyarmin, history of , Shin Pin Set Kein Te, Nagayon Pagoda, Sadhabava reclining pagoda, 28 pagodas and 20 small stupas. Sin Pin Set Kein Te Pagoda is located near the bank of Ayeyawady River at No(1) Ward of Minbu. — U Win Naing (Minbu IPRD), Zeyar Htet (Minbu) (Translated by KTZH)

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