Mine blast disrupts rail operations

Bago Mawlamyaing sskm
Photos depict debris in the aftermath of four explosions on the Bago-Mawlamyine railway in Thaton Township.

The 60-foot bridge No 78 at 124/3 milepost between Theinseik and Donwun railway stations on the Bago-Mawlamyine rail section in Thaton Township was exploded by the insurgents at 9:30 pm on 20 May.
The regional officials and security forces members arrived at the scene at 5:45 am on 21 May and deactivated one mine packed in a black plastic bag about 1,000 feet from the bridge.
It was found that four explosions occurred on the bridge. The railway section was reopened due to the efforts of Myanma Railways’ officials at 10:14 am yesterday.
Since 1 February 2021, terrorist groups have been perpetrating 205 mining attacks and explosions within railway areas and stations, 163 blasts on railway bridges, and 42 instances of blazing stations and employee housings. Their terror acts are aimed at destabilizing the rule of law and endangering the safety of travellers, drawing widespread condemnation from the public. — MNA/KTZH

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