Mingalar Par Sayarma

DSC 9353 72As soon as the Ma Mya Khin rang the bell, all students rushed as it was raining. Then, she sat into the armchair and sighed all her might and started to make a question form for the monthly test for the students. Ma Mya Khin, she was graduated from The Yangon University Of Education and she was transferred to a Primary school in Hlaw Gar village for it had no enough of teachers. As it was a poor village, people in the village had no appetite of learning and they intended to be only earners, not learners because they thought, it was just wasting of time to send their children to school while others are earning money by doing all businesses they could do. And it was a big challenge for Ma Mya Khin when she had first arrived at the village.
Actually, she just wanted to be transferred to good high school where she could go easily from her home. But unfortunately, that was not going as she wish and she had no choice for it. As it was too far from where she lived, she had to live in the village all weekdays and could only go to home when it was Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes, she could not especially when there had to hold the monthly tests because she was the only teacher who was the youngest one and the one who could take responsibilities of all businesses related to the school. There was only two teachers in the school, Daw Tin Hla and she, Ma Mya Khin. But after two months when she was transferred to, Daw Tin Hla retired from teaching and now, she was the one who taught the children, the one who made questions for monthly test, the one who had responsibility for the students. It was very hard for her because there were fifty students. What that made her depressed was that parents were not willing to send children to school because of their living standard. At once, she went to Phoe Kwar’s house due to his absence to school.
“Is there anyone? Phoe Kwar is here?” she shouted. And a woman came out and said, “ He is not here. He is in the field, and doing his own business. And who are you?”
Then, “I’m the teacher of Phoe Kwar, I came here because he is absent today.” “ Oh! I see, Miss Teacher. But I have to say that we can not send him to school anymore because we have to for our survial first. And no one wants to give us free foods for no reason. You may understand Miss Teacher!”
Those are some of conversations she had about her pupils. And sometimes, when she saw Daw Aye Kyin who was selling fish going round the village and the mother of Thidar who was her pupil, “ Oh! Daw Aye Kyin, Why didn’t Thidar come to school yesterday? Is she sick?” “ No, Miss Teacher, she is also selling fish in another village. And by the way, she’s not going to school anymore because she have to work instead of wasting her time.” But then, Daw Aye Kyin went hawking around the village saying,” There’s Fish. It’s cheap and very fresh.” Ma Mya Khin was sick and tired of them but what made her alive was her pupils because she loved her pupils who were willing to learn, willing to play as all children did. Their innocent faces, smiles and words are so flawless. And it gave her new strength to live. She had hoped that one day, she could raise more children to be educated people from this school. She wanted to make her pupils great people who could contribute to the country. And she felt that her dream was about to come true hearing what they said, “Mingalar Par Sayarma.”

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