Minimize loss and waste of disaster-affected people

The cyclone is moving forward to further areas. It crosses townships from Chin State to Sagaing Region and then may move to Kachin State. It left terrible loss and damage along its route. Loss and damaged ones cannot be renewed as original. Let it be! In fact, the storm gave all Myanmar citizens a severe lesson.
All the entire people had never heard the storm news about the devil cyclone Nargis before. All of the older persons did not have any experiences like a very terrible Nargis in their lives. Any historical records on cyclonic storm Nargis had not been released once. Hence, all the people including the government and other authorities underestimated the nature of Nargis. So, Saturn killed more than 130,000 people from Yangon and Ayeyawady regions and Mon State. How terrible it is!
Currently, the whole country has made preparedness against the cyclonic storm Mocha to some extent. In fact, preparations which unexpected possible situations will never complete but it is better than a lack of preparations. As such, the preparedness of all people saved a lot of lives in the event of Cyclone Mocha. They all made utmost efforts to minimize the loss and damage of the property of the people along the route the storm has passed.
Now is the time for the governments at different levels and locals to firmly join hands in carrying out further duties. It is an unavoidable national duty that can be dubbed as follow-up duty in the aftermath of the storm. They all have to conduct search and rescue operations to save the life of storm-affected people, carry out the relief of their lives and rehabilitate and reconstruct their societies. It is a humane act as well as a charitable move.
Myanmar people are forging the voluntary spirit of giving a helping hand to others if necessary. Whenever important events happen, they come out to the streets to help all. At present, those volunteers and charity associations start their initiatives for the convenience of the disaster-hit people as much as possible. So also, the authorities at different levels and various organizations are on duty of searching, rescuing, relieving, rehabilitating, resettling, and reconstructing step by step.
Everybody knows a proverb that goes: “Time and tide wait for no man.” All the seconds are very important for disaster-affected persons. Everybody needs to make concerted efforts for minimizing the loss and damage of lives and property of those people. They have to be accommodated in safer places. So, everybody, let’s go forward!

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