Minister of Culture visits ancient Taungoo capital

800px-Map_of_Taungoo_Empire_(1580) 72On Friday, Union Minister of Culture U Aye Myint Kyu visited the site of the ancient capital city of Taungoo in Bago Region. Among Myanmar’s six historic dynasties, the Taungoo Dynasty was one of the most accomplished. Its predecessor, the Ava Kingdom, relocated from Inwa to Taungoo after the Shan conquest of Inwa.

The Taungoo Dynasty went on to conquer the Shan states and reunite the former territories of the Bagan Kingdom for the first time since 1287. The Taungoo Dynasty was founded by King Mingyi Nyo in 1485, whose empire survived until 1752. The Second Myanmar Empire, as the dynasty’s holdings are often described, stretched from Assam in the west to Indochina in the southeast, encompassing most of modern-day Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.
The ancient city walls, moat and palace site of Taungoo, which is located in the centre of Myanmar, are now surrounded by modern residential neighbourhoods. Many of these sites are kept intact by the residents of Taungoo, who recognise and promote their historical significance.  The union minister instructed his staff to keep systematic records of the remnants of the ancient capital. The site of the palace, known as ‘Tharadipaaungchawady,’ currently houses the compound of No. 2 Basic Education High Scholl in downtown Taungoo.

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