Ministry clarifies rises of electricity charges

Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw Mahn Win Khaing Than.  Photo: MNA

At yesterday’s meeting, five asterisk-marked questions received replies, and discussion on a bill and putting forward a motion were performed.
At the meeting, Dr. Tun Naing, Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy replied to the question raised by U Pe Tin of constituency 6, in Mon State, “In the sector of electricity in the FY 2014-2015 the production cost was Ks74.85 per unit and the selling price was Ks74.14, thus the loss amount was Ks0.71 per unit. In FY 2015-2016 the production cost was Ks90.65 per unit and selling price was Ks70.42, so the loss amount per unit was Ks20.23, while in FY 2016-2017 the production cost Ks96.12, the selling price Ks69.02 per unit, thus the loss was Ks27.10 per unit. Rising production costs is State-owned power plants were said to be the cause for the losses in producing electricity. In the sector of electricity production, the number of privately owned power plants are annually increasing, presently reaching up to 50 per cent. In producing electricity, greater amount of power production from natural gas, which consumes much cost, more than the amount of production of electricity from low-cost hydro power plants causes average production costs to rise.”
The Deputy Minister added, “Foreign exchange rates usually change a lot every year, so production costs annually rise up, with the increasing rates of foreign exchange, due to rising up of power purchase from privately owned power plants and rising costs for purchasing natural gas from the off-shore oil to operate natural gas power plants. Present rises of electricity charges were caused by failure to cover the production cost, greater amount of electricity consumption by home-meters more than that by business and industry use meters. Arrangements will be made for reducing power wastage, designating newly made reasonable power prices as soon as possible, reducing dependency on natural gas which consumes production cost much, instead producing electricity more from hydro-power plants and other energy sources.”
Four skills of English for
After that, Daw Htu Mae of constituency 11 in Rakhine State put forward a motion urging the Union Government, “In Myanmar, English has been being taught in schools as a compulsory subject from KG to matriculation class. But upon completion of academic learning at the matriculation classes, most of the students were sorrowfully found to have been very poor in English language proficiency. So, I hereby urge the Union Government to introduce teaching and examining the language in appropriate method with 4 skills—reading, writing, speaking and listening starting from grade 9, that is, 8th Standard Classes so that they can have language competency to some extent upon completion of the matriculation. In Myanmar, the presently prescribed English Syllabus has only two skills—reading and writing skills. And, it was found that in examinations as well, the above-said two skills were found to have been being examined mainly.”
She added, “As known by all, they still lack skills in them practically. Under the current situations, Myanmar citizens are losing job opportunities of great promise in the country due to lack of qualifications in the language. So, it is of great need for students across the nation to apply English for an access to advanced subjects and cutting-edge technology through Information Technology. It is necessary to know English for acquisition of Scholarship Awards in International Institutes and Universities, professions and employments of great promise. Only if job opportunities have been achieved, can our people be liberated from poverty. With a view to producing well-qualified citizens who know English to some extent and can learn life-long study upon completion of the high-school level academic learning, syllabus, teaching and examination methods should be changed in appropriate way.” 2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 6th Regular Session’s 12th day meeting will continue to be held on November 15.


By Aye Aye Thant

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