Ministry of Health and Sports Order 110/2020

MoHSRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of Health and Sports
Order 110/2020

9th Waxing of Tawthalin, 1382 ME
(25 September 2020)

The Ministry of Health and Sports has issued this order in exercise of the rights contained in Section 21, sub-section (b) of the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law.
1. The Ministry of Health and Sports is carrying out preventive measures against (Coronavirus Disease 2019 – COVID-19) in real-time. Due to the increasing number of positive cases and the number of patients who have neither travel history nor close contacts with COVID-19 patients in Mon State and Mandalay, Bago and Ayeyawady regions, people residing in some townships of the four state and regions are required for “Stay-at-Home” in order to effectively control the spread of the disease.
2. It is hereby announced that people residing in the following townships in state and regions are included in the Stay-at-Home programme:

(a) Mon State
(1) Mawlamyine
(2) Bilin
(b) Mandalay Region
(1) Mahaaungmye
(2) Chanayethazan
(3) Amarapura
(c) Bago Region
(1) Kawa
(2) Bago
(3) Thanatpin
(d) Ayeyawady Region
(1) Pathein
(2) Pyapon
(3) Maubin
3. People from the above-mentioned 11 townships, who are included in the Stay-at-Home programme shall follow the following rules:
(‌a)Stay only at home.
(1)Relating to the stay-at-home order (for government departments in accordance with Letter No. 2354/264/COVID-19/Committee(2020) issued on 14-9-2020 by the National Level Central Committee on Prevention, Containment and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), to follow the directive for civil servants to rotate on a 2-week for office attendance and 2-week on work-from-home basis.
(2) In private sector, those who are working in banking and financial services, filling stations, food productions, cold-storage facilities for meat and fish, production and distribution of medicines, medical supplies and drinking water, factories of daily personal hygiene products and related businesses are excluded.
(3)Those who are working at private-run ports which are providing services for international cargo vessels at the International Terminals in Yangon Port , representative offices of shipping lines, freight forwarder companies, Custom services agencies, container carrying venhicles, trucks for export/import goods at the port, vessels, inland container depots and dry ports are also excluded.
(4)Those who are working in communications businesses such as post office services, landline and mobile phone communication services, internet services (not including the vendors of selling mobile phones and internet data), and services for tower and fibre networks are also excluded.
(b)Raw materials and cut-make-pack (CMP) factories and workplaces have to be closed on 26-9-2020 and 27-9-2020 until the relevant region/state governments, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and the Ministry of Health and Sports, issue orders on 28-9-2020.
(c)Organizations and companies are to work from home.
(d)Only one person per household can go outside to purchase essentials.
(e)Only two persons per household may go outside for hospital or clinical visits.
(f)Always wear facemasks/masks when going outside.
(g)Allow only vehicles transporting working people and permitted vehicles may enter any township.
(h)Within the ward, only the driver and one other person are permitted to go shopping and only the driver and two other persons are permitted to go to the hospital.
4. If the number of people exceeds the limitations mentioned in Paragraph 3-(d), (e) and (h), or for any other emergency reasons, prior notice should be given to the relevant ward administrator and they in turn must only permit the people going from and returning to the ward and not allow people from outside the ward to enter or other people within the ward to leave.
5. Failure to comply with this order will have action taken in accordance with existing laws.
6. This order takes effect as of 8 am on 26-9-2020.

Sd/ Dr Myint Htwe
Union Minister for Health and Sports


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