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Missions of MOHA: National Security, Law Enforcement, Community Peace & Serving Interest of People

Firefighters are rescuing the villagers who are trapped in flood. Photo: MNA
Firefighters are rescuing the villagers who are trapped in flood. Photo: MNA

By Min Min Zaw (Kalaywa)

Ministry of Home Affairs MOHA is focusing on ensuring national security, strengthening law enforcement, maintaining community peace and tranquility and carrying out social rendering services. The following is interview with the respective responsible persons regarding the above-mentioned matters:

Permanent Secretary U Tin Myint, Ministry of Home Affairs
The existing 49 laws are applied to realize a vision of Myanmar to reach the goal of a peaceful and prosperous nation. MOHA is formed with Union Minister’s Office, Myanmar Police Force, General Administration Department, Bureau of Special Investigation, Prisons Department and Fire Services Department.
MPF is practicing people-centred method cooperating with people while its members are taking security measures on board vehicles, on bike, on bicycles and on foot.
As regards security at Myanmar-Bangladesh border, Border Liaison Office is to be opened in Teknaf, Bangladesh.
To oppress transnational crimes, MPF is making contacts with Interpol, ASEAN Police, Europe Police, police forces of the respective countries.
To curb danger posed by narcotic drugs, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law was amended to be in line with the international standard.
Regarding drug elimination five years extra plans have been drawn in 1999 up to 2019. Moreover, anti-drug campaigns were launched and alternative crops are grown. Thanks to these efforts poppy growing could be reduced by 25 per cent in 2017.
The General Administration Department is engaged in the tasks of forming towns and villages systematically, implementing rural development projects, forming associations in accord with the laws, awarding medals to those who deserved, taking measures on negotiable instrument act, land management, and collecting tax. The measures lead to granting 44296 land leases.
Tax collecting in 2017-2018 Fiscal Year hit 36577.017 million kyat exceeding the target.
During the two years period in office of the government, 441 NGOs and 42 INGOs were permitted to register or extend.
One Stop Services were established in the interest of people in 316 townships which they have provided 2919549 services to the public.
BSI exposed 95 cases from 1st April 2016 to 15 March 2018 resulting in informing to the Ministry of Planning and Finance to collect 5435443.2 million kyat and USD 18566 945 as taxes.
Prisons Department build new jails spending Union Government’s budget. The cells for the inmates are set at 18 square feet for one inmate. Water purifiers were also installed at 94 prisons spending 854.63 million kyat. With the loans from Poland, advanced fire engines and rescue vehicles were procured to fight fire and to ensure effectiveness in rescue tasks.
As the ministry is carrying out its duties in accord with laws, courses are being conducted for staff of the ministry to promote their performances as well as sending them to meetings and workshops at home and abroad.

Police Colonel Thet Naing,
Director (Admin), MPF
Myanmar Police Force is, in the transitional period of the government, applying problem solving method and Comprehensive Evidence-based Approach to accomplish police force’s missions.
To promote security in the western part of Myanmar, eight police companies and three command centres were positioned in the areas.
For the security of western border areas, arrangements are being made to establish Border Liaison Office. Meetings between Myanmar and Bangladesh were held for 17 times at various levels. Moreover, Two-storey outpost towers were built, fox holes and trenches were dug and fencing works were carried out for security reason. Coastal areas are also guarded with coastal patrol boats.
In addition to normal security measures, securities for VIPs at state-level ceremonies were also enhanced. The old weapons are replaced with automatic rifles and riot control weapons used.
MPF is also focusing on law enforcement for the sake of people and taking measures for curbing crimes.
Crime education is also disseminated to the public through vehicles mounted crime education booths, making field trips to areas and schools, delivering pamphlets, and making home visits.
As regard anti-drug movement, eight special operations were made in regions and states leading to the arrest of 1957 suspects in 1388 cases. Information sharing is also made with international communities.
To carry out social rendering services, police members participate in rescue and rehabilitation works in time. It donated over 400000 gallons of water to people facing water scarcity.

U Aung Theik Win, Director (Admin), General Administration Department
The General Administration Department is responsible for law enforcement, community peace and tranquility, regional development and rendering social
The mission of the department includes issuing land lease grant, returning grabbed lands to owners, issuing licensee to liquor firms and raising tax for the firms with the aim of reducing consuming liquor, and revoking licensee from those who do not abide by the law, collecting tax, and forming and organizing towns, wards and villages and granting permission to associations.

U Aung Myo, Director,
Bureau of Special Investigation
The major tasks of BSI are exposing economic crimes, corruption of government servants; collecting information on national security; and cooperating in security measures. Crimes related to economy are cash received from exports are not returned to the country but circulated abroad, internet-based fraud, purchasing forest products without permission, producing fake drugs and selling goods through multi-level marketing. Altogether 95 cases related to the above-mentioned crimes are exposed and investigated.
Misappropriations by public servant were also exposed in 44 cases and preventive measures against the unscrupulous persons were also taken.
In accord with money laundering law, 131 cases were exposed for stability of Myanmar currency. As a result of efforts made by BSI, 1901,756,967 kyat, 467,240 USD, 33000 Euro, 5261000 Yen, 28505 Malaysian ringgit, 33193 Chinese Yuan, 610 Pound Staling, 50700 Taiwan Dollar, 1001000 Korean Won and 17177 HKD could be put into the State Treasury.
Ignorant people not to face losses, BSI post news on conditions of companies and nature of crypto currency on the website of MOHA and published in state media.

U Min Soe, Director, Correctional
Under Correctional Department, there are 43 prisons, six lockups, and 48 camps. During the two years period, two new lockups and one prison were built. Water purifiers were also installed at the prisons and camps. To meet the health standard, sewage systems have been upgraded.
Regarding health care to the prisoners, 50-bed hospitals were built in each three central prisons. In Insein Central prisons, patients with TB are treated. Health knowledge is also given to inmates.
Religious freedom is enjoyed by followers of the respective faiths. For Buddhists, Meditation Centers are opened and religious courses conducted.
Vocational trainings including agriculture, livestock breeding, production and mechanical workshops are also given to inmates enabling them to earn their livelihood after they have done their times.
In academic sector, basic education students, and university students are allowed to pursue their education and in 2016-2017 academic year, 16 inmates passed the matriculation exam. In 2017-2018 AY, 104 inmates sit the metric exam. For illiterates, Three-R courses are conducted.

U Kyaw Naing, Director,
Fire Services Department
Fire Services Department is taking measures to guard lives and properties against fire, and participating in rescue work in time of emergency.
During the two years period, the level of region and state FSDs have been promoted putting them under the command of directors. There are 73 district-level centres, 330 at township level and 703 at area level.
Before 2016, there were only 2920 fire engines, but now the number increased up to 3351. Members of FSD are now enjoying daily ration at a rate of 1500 kyat per day.
To be able to make rapid response in time of emergency including disasters and other accidents, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of EU backed by the government of Poland offered 50 million Euro as official development assistance to FSD. Spending the money, advanced fire engines, rescue vehicle, fire extinguishers and equipments were bought and course for FSD members are conducted in Poland. These facilities will be reaching in the country this year.
(Translated By Wallace)

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