MNAB to conduct ICT course for visually impaired persons

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The visually impaired persons can use computers through assistive technology.

Myanmar National Association of the Blind (MNAB) will conduct courses with ICT facilities for visually impaired persons.
“The course with assistive technology will help empower the visually impaired persons to access the digital world. They will use computers and the internet effectively. The screen readers and sound apps will help visually impaired people. Those who can use the sound apps are prioritized. The tutorial guide of the app will be sent and they will discuss the apps with the trainers at the set date,” said U Myo Aung, an organizer.
Those persons with vision loss who can use the computer and smartphone are suitable for the class.
“Majority of the visually impaired persons enrolled the class. It is the first batch of the class with the know-how of application. Most of them keep in touch with the android phone. They have already signed up the social networks like Facebook. This course aims to support the learning process regarding social media, and the assistive products will enable disabled persons to function better and keep up with healthy people. Some set up even online shopping sites. This technology is believed to narrow the gap between the disabled persons and the healthy persons, and it will allow persons with disabilities to communicate, interact and benefit,” he continued.
The first batch of the course is slated on 8 and 9 October and the second batch will be opened on 15 and 16 October. Only ten persons with visual impairment can join the course. It will offer how to use messenger, Skype, YouTube, Google Driver and Google meet for the blind. – Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/GNLM

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