MNL Referee Workshop 2023 for domestic league-2 tourney to be held on 31 March

In order to successfully hold the Myanmar National League II 2023 football tournament, the MNL Educational Workshops are being held in the pre-match period before the tournament starts.
Likewise, the MNL Referee Workshop ceremony will be held on 31 March on the first floor of the meeting hall of Thuwunna Stadium to supplement and clarify the contents of the currently applied football laws, as it will be mandatory for clubs to know and respect the football laws published by the World Football Federation (FIFA).
The MNL Referee Workshop, which will be led by the Myanmar Football Federation Referee Director and Senior Referee Instructor, will be attended by all the players, managers, and coaches registered with the MNL from every participating club.
The 2023 Myanmar National League-2 tournament, which will be organized by the Myanmar National League Committee, and Myanmar Football Federation will start on 24 April.
This will be an Educational Workshop which is very important for the successful holding of the tournament and all participating clubs, officials said. — KZL

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