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MoALI discusses livestock, fisheries sector of Taninthayi Region


Arrangements should be made to set up the market and provide capital, seed, inputs and techniques to the farmers in improving the farming and livestock sectors, said Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation during a meeting held yesterday.
The Union Minister said that the government makes efforts to promote farming and fisheries and to produce value-added products in reviving the state economy battered by COVID-19 and for sector-wise development.
He also discussed the production of market potential farming products, plans to promote income and living standard of the local populace, distinct agricultural farmland area of Taninthayi and state peace and economic development for the proper income and living standard.
He also said the region has distinct farmland for oil palm plantations, rubber, cocoa, perennial crops and other seasonal plants, and the businesses like fishing, fish and prawn farming, and other marine product production.
Therefore, if the relevant officials adopt the proper ways with the private sectors, there would be growth in these sectors in short term.
According to proper climate condition like neighbouring countries, it should encourage the private sectors in animal farming and fish and prawn farming sectors using research and modern techniques.

It should create a specific market for the farmers by organizing cooperative organizations to ensure solid capital, loan to expand the operations and opportunity to enter the wholesale market.
Then, Taninthayi Region Administration Council member U Maung Gyi clarified the farming and fisheries sectors, and the attendees coordinated the discussion.
The Union Minister and region SAC members inspected crab and prawn farming carried out by private entrepreneurs under the GAP system in Kyunsu Township of Myeik district. They also checked the other food production factories.
The Union Minister also met members of the Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation, fish and prawn entrepreneurs, palm oil producers and business people from the rubber industry. He discussed their challenges, using farmlands in line with the law and implementation of the international fish auction market.
Taninthayi Region has more than 136 per cent of plantations, crab and prawn farming under the GAqP system and onshore and offshore fisheries with vessel-monitoring system control centre (VMS). — MNA

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