MoALI encourages farmers to use combine harvesters

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The photo showcases a combine harvester working in a paddy field.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation notified farmers and those engaged in paddy plantation and production using combine harvesters and coordination with the departments concerned (Agriculture Department and Agricultural Mechanization Department).
Using a combine harvester can reduce time, workforce, effort and wastage. It can enhance rice quality, increase productivity and improve economic performance.
Before running operations, owners need to check harvester maintenance instantly.
The harvester driver needs to have extensive training to become a skilled professional, as only the experienced driver can reduce the harvesting loss.
Additionally, the fields need to dry out before harvesting crops. When the rice fully ripens, it is ready to harvest.
It is difficult to harvest rice with grass weeds and rice lying on the ground. A skilled driver is a requisite. — NN/EM

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