Mobile phone users in Katha to gain 3G access

MPT tower

Myanma Posts and Telecommunications upgraded its mobile telecommunications towers to a 3G network in Katha, Sagaing Region, this year.
Residents in Katha Township faced difficulties in mobile phone and Internet connection in the past. MPT launched its GSM radio BT stations and a tower near Katha TatU monastery in February this year. Moreover, GSM Radio BT stations are under construction in Ward 9 and Ward 6 in Katha, an MPT official said.
Internet connection has also been upgraded from E1 service to FE in the township, according to the MPT official.
MPT is cooperating with Japan-based KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation for upgrading all towers to the 3G network level.
At present, Myanmar has 54.42 percent telephone density due to the growing number of mobile phone users in the last two years.
According to reports, the mobile phone network will cover 75-percent of the country in 2016 when the number of mobile phone users comprise more than 50 percent of the
population.–Katha District (IPRD)

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